A-Star Sports celebrate an amazing week

A-Star Sports, the award-winning multi-sports coaching franchise, has shot up the listings in the prestigious Startups 100 list, the same week they were placed in the Top three for HP Small Business Awards.

A-Star Sports saw their ranking in the Startups 100 list rise 33 places, up to number 56 in the prestigious list.

Sharon Bassett, Director of Marketing and Communications and Co-Founder, said: "What a wonderful week. To be included in the Startups 100 list is an honour in itself, but to climb so far and so fast to this new level is really exciting.

"These listings seek out companies which are likely to go on to be major providers of jobs and growth in the future. With the HP success as well, the whole team at A-Star Sports can justifiably give themselves a very big pat on the back."