Summary of Operation: An Ableworld franchise offers you the opportunity to invest in one of the fastest-growing retail sectors in the country. As the population ages and lives longer, the need for Ableworld's products and services grows every year.

Ideal Franchise Owner Profile: Good retailers know and respect their customers. They have empathy with their customers' needs and the knowledge and skills to meet those needs. Ableworld franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds, but without doubt they all need great customer skills, along with the drive to succeed.

Cost of Franchise: £29,950 + VAT

Year Company Established: 2001

Year of First Franchise Owner: 2008

Training Provided: Minimum 50 days training including: running and promoting the store, products, engineering, accounting and stock control. Training takes place at our head office, in our stores, at our main suppliers and in your own store.

Support Services Provided: We have industry professionals who help on retail, property, finance, buying, marketing and more. Our regular franchise visits ensure that you feel you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.