Britain's most successful Franchisee recruitment publication

Since its launch in 1985, The Franchise Magazine has recognised that distribution is the key to success. Nationwide distribution channels include major promotions at retail newsagents, redundancy and resettlement advisers, banks, accountants, solicitors, franchise and business-to-business (B2B) exhibitions, online promotions and hotels, plus support through direct mailing to subscribers. An estimated 250,000 people are at any one time looking to own a franchise, and many of them will read The Franchise Magazine before making an investment decision. Ensure that your franchise opportunity is seen by the country's most serious franchisee investors.

Innovative Schedules

Franchise Development Services, the publishing organisation, was established in 1981 and is dedicated to facilitating national and international franchising, assisting both franchisor and franchisee. Six editions of The Franchise Magazine allow for a maximum return on franchisee recruitment investment. Experience indicates that daily, weekly and monthly publications are often too costly, while quarterly are too infrequent. The solution: six targeted editions to cover the year and published to coincide with specific exhibitions.

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