All Trades Networks: £1 million turnover target in sight for Nick and Andrew

With a projected turnover of around £1 million for the year ahead, just 18 months after becoming All Trades Network franchisees, Nick Langan and Andrew Galloway have embarked on a series of high profile projects in Scotland after joining forces with one of the nation's largest insurers

Text: Nick Langan

Andy and I are from very different work backgrounds but our combination of skills has proved ideal for a successful business. After working for many years as a financial adviser I already had a significant knowledge of the insurance industry while Andrew had already established himself as a successful property developer. Together we decided that All Trades Network offered an ideal business opportunity and in October 2006 we opened an office in Aberdeen to provide a comprehensive property repair service to the insurance industry. Although it took a few months to establish ourselves, the training and support that we received from the head office in Blackburn was superb and in 2007 the business really took off. As a result we have since built up an excellent relationship with one of the country's leading insurers and this has led to a lot of new business and some really exciting projects.

'I'think we're proving the All Trades Network business model really does work.'

All Trades Network franchisee Nick Langan

In the months ahead we will be repairing the homes of residents in the village of Pennan - made famous by the film Local Hero starring Burt Lancaster. Last summer villagers were forced from their homes when heavy rain caused mudslides to sweep through the village and part of a cliff face to collapse.

As specialist engineers work to stabilise the cliffs that surround the picturesque village, we will be working with the insurers to repair one of the properties that suffered the most severe damage. When we carry out any work on a property, we ensure the repairs are carried out to the highest standards and, personally, I find the most rewarding part of my job is seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they return home after the work is complete and their home is restored to it pre-claim condition.

We now employ between 15 and 20 experienced tradesmen and the work they carry out range from repairing a burst pipe to complete renovation following a fire or flood. What's more, they all share our commitment to quality workmanship and the highest levels of service.

I think that we are proving that the All Trades Network business model really does work and the back up we receive from head office continues to be excellent. They are always available on the other end of the telephone to provide advice as well as practical help and support and we are looking forward to an even more successful 2008.

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