All Trades Network: Our service is above and beyond

Making the biggest decision of his life has paid off for Adam Atkins, who relates his experiences of more than doubling his targets in his first year as the Birmingham franchisee of All Trades Network

Quitting a well paid job, while married with two young children to support, to start my All Trades Network franchise has probably been one of the most difficult and most rewarding decisions of my life.

From an early age I'd always wanted my own business, and after a varied background including gaining a Masters in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration, working in strategic development for NatWest Bank and Tarmac, and finally working as Head of Business Management for Wilmott Dixon Construction, I felt the time was right to go into self-employment.

I had previously looked into franchising, and when I stumbled across the All Trades Network opportunity everything seemed to stack up. When you take on a franchise you have to feel that the franchisor will deliver on its promises, and the head office team is a very friendly, honest and down-to-earth bunch. In all I spent six months investigating and understanding the business model and developing a business plan which ultimately made the final decision a lot less traumatic - I launched my All Trades Network franchise in April 2006 and quit my job to go full-time in the franchise that July.

The systems and processes All Trades Network has in place are excellent and simple to use, and importantly the head office and field support team are always available to give help and guidance when needed. As we are purely focused on the insurance industry, our service provides significant added value in the eyes of our clients, especially given all our systems are tailored specifically to this market - we're fairly unique in the industry really. The service we provide is above and beyond that which you normally get from a contractor, that's why our work is through repeat business.

My original business plan was to reach a turnover of £175,000 in the first year - I actually achieved sales of £370,000 with a healthy profit margin. I didn't intend to lease an office or employ a contracts manager and office administrator until somewhere around year two or three, but I have been able to put this infrastructure in place early and I'm in a really solid position for more growth in the next 12 months and beyond. This is all down to hard work, on the part of myself and the franchisor.

My short term target is to reach a turnover of £750,000, which is completely realistic. From there I see no reason why I can't break £1 million in the next three to five years, and in the long term achieve significantly more than that. As the network of franchisees grows we will offer complete national coverage and then we'll be in an extremely strong position in terms of strengthening the contracts we have and also gaining new ones. I'm extremely positive about the future.

Be part of a £74 Million a day business!

That's how much the UK insurance industry paid out each working day in general insurance claims according to the Association of British Insurers.

This exciting franchise is a genuine business format and is destined to become one of the most attractive franchise opportunities to be offered in the business service sector for many years.

  • Works generated through head office contracts
  • Comprehensive Training & Support
  • Complete Stationery Pack
  • Bespoke IT System Supplied
  • On-Site Support
  • Insurance Approved Building Contractor
  • Head Office Central Invoicing
  • Head Office Credit Control