Quality telecommunications add value to your franchise

No matter what size your business, having virtual telephony services will both increase your business’ efficiency and its value to prospective franchise owners

With the business promotions arena currently filled with flash and advanced product-placement, there is perhaps not enough focus on the integral tools and necessities needed to run a business efficiently. It is telecommunications that are taken for granted and alphaTALK believes that it is an untapped resource, primed to be unlocked, with the help of their services.

Virtual telephony services are essential to many organisations whether it be multi-national companies, local SMEs, regional businesses or even nationally recognised franchise brands. If you are wondering what has this go to do with you, the answer is simple: irrespective of your company size, location and sector, there are a number of services which can add significant value to your business.

Features such as recording, virtual receptionist, call forwarding, call queuing and voicemail for example, can play an important role in your franchise success.

Since 1996, alphaTALK has helped many companies integrate modern telephony solutions into their business including national franchise brands. Entry level packages can offer hi-tech features, which have traditionally been out of reach for many small businesses. Therefore, you no longer need thousands of pounds of investment in software and hardware to obtain these modern communication facilities.

Ask yourself, are you paying for adverts with no way of monitoring their effectiveness? In-depth call analysis, reports and statistics allow you to monitor each and every telemarketing number you use in advertisements – vital information when deciding whether to renew them. Thousands of pounds can be saved eliminating inefficient advertisements.

alphaTALK has many clients who operate nationally and require a local presence for their customers. We have enabled them to do that through our nationwide availability of local area numbers. For example, in situations where Birmingham-based clients whose customers are located in London, we have provided 0207 London numbers for their customers to call, which connect to the company’s call centre in Birmingham.

Our ranges of numbers are particularly useful for companies that want to be able to transfer their numbers instantly between destinations, operate in multiple regions locally. We can also provide highly memorable numbers for radio, TV or serious marketing campaigns.

Chemdry and GreenThumb, leading nationwide franchisors, have benefitted from alphaTALK’s custom franchise packages. We were able to provide them with a professional solution with their address and number.

Our numbers and packages have allowed them to branch out to new outlets and franchise locations. A local number for an area the franchisor is looking to move into can be set up to maximise new market potential. The process is fuss-free and extremely quick, with numbers and packages set up in under an hour of subscriptions.

Managing Director of alphaTALK, Zafar Majid, claims that his company has been helping franchisors save money no matter what the economic climate is like.

“Our advanced call analysis and statistical reports allow customers to monitor their incoming calls from the various adverts that they may have placed,” he explains.

“This allows them to focus upon adverts that have not worked, thus helping them to save thousands of pounds in ineffective financial commitments that in other cases may have gone unnoticed. This truly is an invaluable service at a comparatively negligible cost. It has become even more imperative to save money in this current economic climate.” A free consultation, whether over the phone or in person, allows alphaTALK staff to conduct a fact-find and then create a bespoke service to fit the franchisor’s requirements.

Its demographic ranges from established companies in the private sector to individual tradesmen – helping them to create that professional front with 01/02 landline and 0800 freephone numbers, voicemail, and fax to email for instant diversion to any international landline and mobile.

alphaTALK is offering to carry out a free audit for interested businesses. In addition it is giving away a free Fax 2 Email Service and free line rental for the first quarter on any new service – worth over £100. Entry level packages can cost as little as £10 per month, contact us now for more information.

Written by Richard Sanderson (pictured), General Manager of alphaTALK