Psst, how Call Whisper service can help home workers...

A new service allows people to know the difference between personal and business calls that come through their home telephone lines

Do you run a home business? Have you ever answered your home telephone thinking that it’s a personal call, when in fact it’s a business call? How can you know, before answering, whether the call is personal or business in nature?

One simple but expensive option is to install an extra telephone line into your house, purely dedicated for the business calls. As most outgoing business calls are now made through mobiles it seems a waste of money installing a line just to receive calls when the existing residential line can do the same job, without the additional expense.

Alternatively, if you stick to the home line and receive your business calls on it then you can look foolish by answering in your company name, and it turns out to be Aunty Daisy from Australia. Or you can be caught off guard and answer in an unprofessional ‘hello’ and it turns out to be a hugely important prospect.

This potentially embarrassing dilemma can be avoided by the use of an alphaTALK number with our special Call Whisper service. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide added value for our customers, Call Whisper is now free of charge when taken with a chargeable geographic or non-geographic number.

What is a Call Whisper service?

Call Whisper is a service that provides a ‘whisper’ message when you pick up the phone, before the caller is connected. This message can be used to provide information about the call so that you can answer appropriately. For example, if a call comes in on your AlphaTALK-provided business telephone number, when you pick up the phone your whisper could announce ‘business call’ (or anything else, of your choice) before putting the caller through. Your caller doesn’t hear this message, only you do.

This can also help companies that run multiple businesses from the same office line. Therefore, before you answer the phone you will know how to greet the caller correctly. One particular customer of ours has several area numbers terminating on to the same business line. They portray an image of multiple branches throughout the country. When the call comes in, they can answer in the name of the branch whether it is in London or Glasgow. The service is relatively inexpensive and quick to set up.

How can I get this?

Simply choose the number type that is most appropriate to your business (for example, an 0800 Freephone Number, 0845 Local Rate number or an 01 or 02 area number) from the wide range available on our website and ask for the Call Whisper service when you place your order.

Let us know what you want the whisper message to say (e.g. ‘Business Call’) and we will do the rest.

Written by Richard Sanderson, General Manager of alphaTALK