Demand for recording services grows

Zafar Majid, Marketing Manager of alphaTALK, explains how increasing numbers of companies have taken to recording conversations to safeguard their future.

British businesses are under increasing pressure to maintain records of conversations and transactions with their customers, which has resulted in a huge growth in demand for call recording services.

At alphaTALK, we are seeing more and more smaller businesses requesting this service as if it is now becoming a norm.

There are several reasons why the demand for this service is increasing;

  • In some industries, increased regulation and red tape often requires businesses to keep records of transactions for increased periods of time.
  • The growing compensation culture encourages customers to make fraudulent claims against businesses, who need to protect themselves against this abuse. By keeping a recording of every call, they can retain evidence of the conversation, protecting against dishonest claims.
  • Review staff calls – as a manager, listening to the calls your staff take can be invaluable. Identify customer service issues and correct them by listening back to the recordings of your incoming calls. Highlight high-performers and use their calls as examples for the rest of your staff.
  • For the small business person on the move – there’s no need to stop and take notes anymore. Any important details in the call, such as your customer’s contact details or details of their order are recorded. Once you’re back at your desk, simply sit down and listen to the call, taking down the relevant details, at your leisure.

Larger companies often tend to invest thousands of pounds in equipment to provide inbound call recording for their organisation. ISDN or VOIP telephone systems capable of recording and storing incoming calls are expensive and require technical knowledge to operate and maintain. However, did you know that you can have features like these for your business telephone numbers, without investing a penny in expensive hardware?

alphaTALK is providing an exclusive free trial to readers of The Franchise Magazine, to try this simple and innovative service without any cost or commitment. We want to be able to demonstrate to readers how easy this service is to set up and operate. Once you decide to have a call recording service, the cost to set up and maintain it is insignificant in comparison to the benefits. The entire service is ‘hosted’ on alphaTALK’s virtual telephony network and is incredibly simple to use. Once set up, all your inbound calls are recorded and the recordings simply sent to you by email at the conclusion of the call. You can then store them in your email system or download the attachments and store them separately.

We can provide this service on any of our Non-Geographic Numbers (for example, 0800, 0845, 0844) or Local Area Numbers (for example, 0121 Birmingham). Many of our customers are already using this tried-and-tested service to record their inbound calls, meeting their regulatory requirements and protecting their business against fraudulent claims.