Are you about to lose your existing phone numbers?

Moving to a new office, doesn’t mean your company having to lose its existing phone number

At AlphaTALK we understand the importance of retaining your existing telephone number(s), which may have been the lifeline to your business for many years. Imagine if you are faced with the prospect of losing it in the event of office relocation.

We experienced this problem ourselves, when we recently relocated less than a mile from our previous premises, and were unable to keep our main number. This was due to the new office being located within a different BT exchange.

This can cause a multitude of problems for the affected individual or business. Many customers often do not update a number in their mobile from previous contact, so when they dial it and it does not connect, they will automatically assume that the business is no longer in operation.

In the current climate when companies are trying to generate new leads, it is vitally important not to lose business over matters that can be avoided.

How about the unnecessary expense of changing your letterheads, complimentary slips, leaflets and so on? Some will argue that if you are relocating, you may be changing stationery anyway.

While that may be true, sometimes company brochures and leaflets have greater reliance on the telephone number as a ‘call to action’ for customers rather than the address. We know how some file brochures and leaflets away for future reference.

So what are your options?

Your options could be to get a new number, record a number announcement for customers, or pay BT for an expensive Remote Call Forwarding option. We had one customer who was paying a quarterly service charge for this service in addition to significantly high call diversion charges.

Our recommendation is to do what we did. We ported our main number away from our then provider and on to our alphaTALK system (converting it to a ‘virtual number’) and thus were able to divert it to any landline or mobile of our choice.

The whole porting process can be co-ordinated with the office relocation. We moved over the weekend and our number was diverted to our new office by Monday morning. Once the number has been successfully ported across then you will gain full control on where and when it is terminated.

What does it cost?

The costs are negligible in comparison to the value you will derive by retaining the number. This whole process can take approximately within 21 days and for a one off fee of £95 + VAT. The ongoing monthly charge is £10 + VAT and each incoming call will be billed at 1p per minute.

Written by Richard Sanderson, General Manager of alphaTALK