Why 0800 freephone numbers are still the best

Investing in an 0800 number will bring many benefits to your company and customers

One of the key benefits of using an 0800 freephone number is that prospective customers will see your business as customer-friendly because you are prepared to pay the cost of the call, you are much less likely to leave them hanging on the line on hold or stuck in an automated queue.

In addition, industry statistics indicate that using a freephone number can increase the response of any marketing by up to 70 per cent.


There is an argument that the purchase of an 0800 number should be allocated to a company’s marketing budget since it provides a powerful promotional tool. Another huge advantage of taking an 0800 freephone number from alphaTALK is that, by assigning the number to a particular marketing campaign, you can use the provided inbound call statistics to analyse and assess the effectiveness of that campaign. Many businesses use a different 0800 number for each campaign to provide vital data on their various marketing activities.

In one case, we helped a particular company to eliminate wasteful adverts in a phone directory from the regions that were not producing any response. This was only possible with our online call analysis service.

Internet and multimedia marketing campaigns target a national audience. An 0800 number allows your business to be called from anywhere in the UK at no cost to your prospective customer. This gives you national coverage and removes the twin barriers of call cost and perceived distance for potential callers.

As your business grows, any re-location in coming years will be less disruptive, as an 0800 number avoids the costs and confusion of having to change your main business telephone number when you re-locate – especially to another exchange outside of your area. Your marketing will be uninterrupted and free from costly alterations.

A portable number for life

In the event that your ‘real’ fixed landline telephone number is changed in a ‘Big Number Change’ or by a business move, your 0800 number will never change. In this way, you can protect yourself from any changes in the numbering schemes that occur as a result of regulatory changes. This gives you the security of knowing your customers have just one easy number to remember for free, easy access to your business.

0808 Freephone Numbers

Due to the popularity of 0800 freephone numbers, Ofcom (the telecoms industry regulator) is quickly running out of new numbers and is instead allocating numbers from the 0808 code. This works exactly the same as an 0800 freephone number but has a different number prefix in order to meet a rising demand for numbers. Organisations already using these numbers include the BBC and Sky.

Special offer

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Written by Richard Sanderson, General Manager of alphaTALK