Anglia Finance

The finance solution to the franchise market

Do you want to run your own business but a lack of cash is stopping you? Well at Anglia Finance we can to help you raise that important finance and turn your dreams into a reality.

Once you’ve made the decision to run a business you want to move fast, as the banking sector is notoriously slow and requires constant chasing. At Anglia Finance we take all the stress away by approaching the banks on your behalf, dealing with the decision makers you struggle to get hold of and turn around decisions faster than if you approach the banks yourself. We also negotiate the best rates!

By using Anglia Finance you stand the best chance of turning your dream into a reality. We are more likely to get lending agreed than approaching the banks yourself and we are here to assist you realise your goals.

So for all your business financial needs, from purchasing your first franchise right through to buying equipment, don’t hesitate in making use of our expert services.