Anglia Finance

The finance solution to the franchise market

Banking and finance will always play a part in your business, whether you are funding your first franchise or getting things in order to sell your business. The important factor is a solid relationship but where do you start?

Our expertise as independent commercial finance brokers enables us to find the right funding relationship for you. We spend the time to work with your existing business plan and present this to the bank the way they want it giving you a better chance of getting lending agreed. In today’s banking world it is very important how you present the case to the bank, if you go direct you run the risk that you may be declined and there are no second chances. By using Anglia Finance Limited we approach the banks on your behalf ensuring that your business stands the best chance of getting any lending agreed.

So whether you are looking to purchase your first franchise, raise a mortgage for your existing franchise or fund some new equipment, we are on hand to help you get the best deal.