Finding the best franchise consultants

In franchising there is no substitute for experience. Ashtons Franchise consulting team is one of the country’s most knowledgeable groups, and has dealt with owners of successful businesses from many different categories. Their approach is flexible, creative and strategic, and they are easy and enjoyable to work with.

We strongly recommend that if you are giving serious consideration to franchising as a route to growing your business you take advantage of a no cost, yet highly valuable face to face meeting with one of our experts to help you crystallise your thinking and create a specific plan for the franchising your business.

Whether you are considering franchising for the first time or are a well-established brand and considering international expansion, having an experienced franchise consultant alongside you is so important before beginning to design and develop your franchise system.

The basic criteria for any business that is considering franchising is that they must have a business that is in a sector with genuine growth potential. Secondly, the business must have good profit margins, without which neither you nor the franchisee can succeed. Thirdly, you will need to have a business method that can be taught to others in a reasonable period of time.

A key objective will be to ensure that your franchise is designed for mutual benefit; yours as the franchisor and owner of the brand and the business system together with your qualified franchise owners, as they invest their time, effort and money into replicating your success.