Franchisee video May 2013

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Video transcript

"You come to a stage in life where, sometimes, you don't know what's the next best thing. So you're looking around to see what can I do next? How can I succeed at something? What can I be comfortable with? Auditel satisfied all of those because it has a history of success, it's got many consultants that deliver the Auditel service. Not matter what background or experience you've had over previous years, you can fit into Auditel. I think the main thing about Auditel is that it has values that I think are very common with a lot of people that are interested in being successful. So, that's the main reason why I joined Auditel. I've just gone through the first week of training, which has been very interesting. It has given me a different perspective on what I need to do and just looking forward to carrying that out in the weeks to come."
Sanjay Shah, Ex-Dental Surgeon

"I was in press, I think, when I looked into service advisor and service providers and it struck me as something that why wouldn't businesses buy it? It was recession-proof, a great product. The other reason is obviously the team. The team were great when I met them, I liked the values. very professional and they absolutely inspired confidence that this was a company that I wanted to be part of," commented Miles.

"Another reason that we felt that Auditel was a great place to be, it plays to both our strengths and experiences in life." recalls Nina. "It's been a really, very intense week. Loads of information, but all relevant and will give us a really great foundation to go out there on our first day of work, Monday next week."

"So I agree with that," continues Miles. "I think that all the trainers have been great; Matt, Dave, all of them have been really good. It's been very intense, as Nina said. We've learnt a lot, but we also don't just feel this is the end of the process. We know there's going to be lots of support ongoing as well, which is fantastic."
Nina and Miles Hoskins, Miles worked for the BBC and Nina ran her own local magazine

"Well, I've wanted to own my own business for many years. I'd looked at ERA and Auditel 13 years ago, but the time wasn't right for me. About six months ago I decided the time was now right, investigated ERA and Auditel and then at the end of that process, listed down the things that were better about Auditel than ERA. It was really that, as an accountant, I was struck by the structure and the process and the very thought-through methods that they operated at Auditel. So, that was what really swung it.

"I obviously started and came down with mixed thoughts, you know, how's it going to be, and I can honestly say, at the end of the first weeks' training, it has been absolutely fantasic! I've been on many training courses in my life and never have I been on one that was so professional, so well delivered. I'm standing here now and I've got three days before I start my business; I can honestly say I'm like a coiled spring, I can't wait to get out there!" John Wardle, Chartered Accountant and Ex-Operations Director.