Mike Andrews, South Manchester

I work from home and spend quality time with my son every day

I'm in the fourth year of running my Auditel franchise and I have already achieved the goals I set when I first started my business: I have control over my life, I'm reaching a work life balance and I'm becoming financially secure. Before I joined Auditel I worked in construction, but I wanted more autonomy and control over my life so I decided to look into franchising. I came across Auditel at a franchise seminar and the concept appealed to me as it is a white-collar business that taps into my existing skills. It is something I felt I could excel at and it allows me to have the work life balance I was looking for.

I received thorough training before launching my franchise, which covered everything from how to run your own business to making sales and client management. I have also received additional ongoing training and enjoy constant support - I have access to all of Auditel's experience and knowledge. Since launching my franchise I have always set ambitious turnover targets, all of which have been achieved. I'm also currently on target to meet this year's turnover target as well.

What I enjoy most about my business is the flexibility to take holidays when I like, which means that my wife Helen and I have been able to frequently visit our holiday apartment in Spain. My nine month old boy John has already been abroad three times! I also like the fact that as I work from home I can spend quality time with my son every day.
Article published on: 29th Jul 2008

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