love at first bite!


We are an International snack food retailer selling a delicious range of sweet and savoury Freshly Baked Pretzels and a variety of drinks including our very own Freshly Squeezed Original Lemonade.

In the last 22 years the number of Auntie Anne's outlets has grown to over 1,100 stores worldwide across the USA and 23 other countries all selling the same fantastic soft, Freshly Baked Pretzels. We are now poised to build on the success of the stores now operating in the UK and drive our expansion nationwide.

For many consumers in the UK soft, Freshly Baked Pretzels will be a new product to them. Our products are mixed, twisted, baked and served fresh on site making us a unique offering in today's competitive snack market.

Once customers try the product they will become regular customers coming back time and time again to purchase what is the tastiest, freshest grab and go snack on the market today.

With over 1100 Pretzel Perfect stores selling the same mix of sweet and savoury Freshly Baked Pretzels and drinks we can demonstrate a proven business model with healthy margins and a competitive return on investment.

We are committed to providing outstanding service to not only our customers but also to each and every one of our Franchisees!

As an Auntie Anne's Franchisee, you will be provided with extensive training to ensure that you feel confident and able to run a successful, exciting store.

In addition to spending 1 week at Auntie Anne's Home Office in the U.S.A. you will also spend some time working in one of our established stores before beginning your one to one In-store training with our Training Manager in the run up to the Grand Opening of your new store.

Auntie Anne's have opened 4 new locations this year and will be opening at least 4 new stores before Christmas. With a target of 24 stores by the end of 2011 we have great ambition for this exciting brand and product and are keen for like minded Franchisees to join our expanding network.

As a prospective Franchisee we know how hard it is to differentiate between the opportunities on offer today. We feel confident however that our unique & exciting product, over 20 years experience as Master Franchisors, exceptional training & support and a proven, successful business model mean that we are the only choice for ambitious and passionate food loving Franchisees.

Our passion for the product extends to our passion for Franchising and we feel that in order to be successful you have to love what you do - We hope like us you will fall in

love at first bite!