Autosheen proves perfect tonic

Autosheen has proven just what the doctor ordered for Michael Muncey, who has swapped the stress and high blood pressure of his job to valeting cars and being his own boss

Michael Muncey's new Autosheen fleet valeting franchise is just what the doctor ordered, says the 45 year old former parcels delivery driver, whose decision to leave his job of 15 years has resulted in a dramatic improvement to his health as well as his quality of life. 'I was working incredibly long hours and was required to do more and more for no extra reward,' Michael explains. 'It seemed to me that if I was going to be putting in that sort of effort, I should be feeling the benefit rather than some faceless organisation.'

Michael had been suffering from stress and had been seeing his doctor regularly to control high blood pressure, so when the doctor advised him to change his lifestyle, he decided that if he was ever going to make the leap, he was probably at an age where he either acted now or not at all. Always keen on cars, Michael enjoys cleaning and polishing his own vehicle, so he started to look around for an opportunity to be his own boss specifically in a valeting business. He says he considered a few different franchises, but ultimately it was the support and professionalism offered by Autosheen that made up his mind. 'I was terribly nervous about the whole thing,' he confesses, 'but the Autosheen team were fantastic. I'd never done anything like this, but they talk you through the business and support you every step of the way.'

Although Autosheen's extensive portfolio of existing National Account customers was one of the major factors that attracted him, Michael was nonetheless characteristically anxious on the eve of his new franchise launch, fretting about just how much work there would be for him and whether his business would be a success. 'I lay in bed on the Sunday night and wondered what on earth I'd done!' he recalls. 'I really needn't have worried though. From day one I've been really busy with National Accounts work for organisations ranging from Job Centres to construction companies. Now I'm up and running, my confidence is growing and so is my business!'

Michael describes his new lifestyle as 'brilliant' and has even taken on his 21 year old son David to help him. 'David is trained as a painter and decorator, but was struggling to find a full time job,' Michael explains. 'He jumped at the opportunity to be part of my Autosheen business and he's doing really well. We're picking up no end of work, including word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers.'

Best of all, Michael's blood pressure dropped within days and has stayed in normal range ever since. 'I absolutely love what I do, there's no stress and I'm so much happier and more relaxed than I've been in years,' he says. 'My doctor simply can't believe the impact on my health - I'm really glad I've become an Autosheen franchisee, I feel great and just really wish I'd had the nerve to do this years ago!'

Autosheen is a well established fleet valeting franchise, with a strong portfolio of long standing National Account contracts including Royal Mail, DWP (Department of Work & Pensions), HMRC (Revenue & Customs), BSkyB and six of the 10 largest leasing companies in the UK, amounting to over 1.2 million cars to be valeted by Autosheen franchisees for contract customers alone. As its National Account business grows, the company is actively looking for franchisees to join its network and service existing customer requirements.

Interview by Megan Dunmore