A shining example!

Fleet valeting specialist Autosheen keeps franchisees busy with a lucrative flow of regular work, generated from national accounts secured by the central sales team

Former fitness instructor Michael Bale, an Autosheen franchisee for eight years, declares that he can't speak highly enough of the franchise. He describes the 'ready-made' contracts he receives from Autosheen as 'very important' to the success of his business.

'National Accounts that benefit me include the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions), HM Revenue & Customs and various companies with large fleets,' he explains. 'I would say that approximately half of my work currently comes from contracts fed to me by Autosheen - this is set to grow and I anticipate that it will rise to around 70 per cent over the coming months.'

Michael is quick to point out that as a franchisee, it is up to you to build your own business and develop a regular customer base, but says that the support from Autosheen in generating regular work provides a fantastic base. Fellow franchisee Ray Oliver, who also works on the DWP contract as well as the Royal Mail, agrees: 'National accounts can provide a building block in developing your business, or can be the icing on the cake if you're really busy with your own regular customers.'

Ray has been an Autosheen franchisee for five years. Previously he spent 15 years as a team leader for Jiffy, but wanted something more from life than working in a factory. 'I've always had a passion for cars and enjoy valeting, so when I found Autosheen on the internet I contacted them to find out more and haven't looked back,' he states. 'The package was very professional, with plenty of support and existing business in my territory to get me off to a good start!'

He earns more than he did previously and acknowledges that he is also a good deal happier. 'The satisfaction you gain from running your own business and doing a good job for your customers is tremendous,' he confirms. 'You quickly build up strong relationships with your regular customers and your services are certainly appreciated. I'm so pleased that I was brave enough to make the move from being employed to having the independence of running my own business. Certainly the security of having work already lined up for me was a great reassurance and one of the reasons that convinced me to take the leap.'

For Michael and Ray the work has continued to flow in. In Michael's case his business is going so well that he is currently in talks with Autosheen to get another van on the road as soon as possible. 'Who knows, in the future I'd like a fleet of vehicles so that I can take more of a managing role as I get older. Until then, life's just fine!'

Autosheen is one of the UK's longest established valeting franchises, with an impressive national accounts customer base that offers franchisees access to over 1.2 million contracted vehicles nationwide. It is this guaranteed regular income stream for franchisees from day one that sets Autosheen apart from competitors, together with its premium product range and superb franchisee support structure. Autosheen national account customers include National Rail, BSkyB, Virgin Media and six of the 10 largest leasing companies in the UK. The franchise is enjoying continued strong growth and is is looking to attract new franchisees across the UK to service new and existing contracts.

Reported by Megan Dunmore

Cleaning cars has never been so rewarding!

Nobody understands this better than valeting specialists Autosheen. That's why some of the UK's leading blue chip companies rely on our franchisees to keep over 1.2 million contracted vehicles looking good, year round, nationwide.

A regular income stream flowing from our high profile national account customers (currently approaching 50% of the network's turnover) - including six of the largest leasing companies in the UK - is what sets us apart from competitors, together with a premium product range, our commitment to quality and a superb franchisee support structure. Continued strong growth and increasing demand for our services means that we are looking for new franchisees across the UK to service both new and existing contracts - so if you'd like to benefit from our polished performance, why not give us a call now!