How to collect 100% of your Franchise Royalties

You rely on your franchise owners to provide you with information that you use to manage the network, but it never arrives in a timely manner - and when it does it's often wrong.

Without this information you cannot easily tell whether franchise owners are following the processes correctly and how much revenue they're booking so that you have a view of the MSF or commission that's likely to be due to you at the end of the month.

Webchise provides tools to all your franchise owners helping them manage their network, which then gives you visibility of their activities. Webchise puts you in control!

Webchise is a software package designed specifically for the franchise market. It is a hosted system so all you need to run it is a Web browser. It provides an integrated set of tools for your franchise owners that are tailored to the way you run your franchise.

Webchise licences start from £35.00 per month, so contact us now to find out how Webchise can benefit you and claim your 10% discount on the standard set up fee.