Free re-branding for Bairstow Eves franchisees

Estate Agent Bairstow Eves has re-branded all of its 322 branches, including over 120 of its franchised outlets. Entirely paid for by the franchisor, the re-branding retains Bairstow Eves' core colours but all branch signage and displays have been re-designed. Additionally changes have been made to 'For Sale' boards, newspaper advertisements and other branded marketing materials.

'If we want to serve our customer base effectively, then we need to fully support our franchisees,' says Tony Murray, Head of Network Development for Bairstow Eves Franchising. 'We are confident that this re-branding initiative will not only boost sales and market share for our franchisees, but will also help to ensure that the Bairstow Eves image remains fresh and exciting for our customers.'