Bartercard, is the World's largest and leading Trade Exchange. Bartercard is the only strategic modern business tool which can create new business, increase sales, reduce cash expenses and use profit margins as a discount for purchasing. Bartercard's trade business exchange allows members to buy and sell goods and services without using cash to pay for them, placing you in contact with over 70,000 prospective new customers in 16 countries around the world! It is the largest and fastest growing Barter network in the World!

Becoming a Bartercard franchisee offers an outstanding new business opportunity. Bartercard's franchisees gain the advantage of an unrivalled product with the security of a fully developed support network and internationally proven system.

An Interest-Free Line of Credit for Your Business

Bartercard members receive an interest-free line of credit of up to T£50,000 determined by the net assets and gross revenues of your business. This line of credit will allow you to trade immediately.

Bartercard = Guaranteed New Business
Bartercard was formed in 1991. It is a phenomenal Australian business conception by our founder, Wayne Sharpe. In essence, it is a strategic modern business tool that serves as a solution to typical SME's that often face the trials and tribulations of establishing their businesses in a competitive and demanding economical environment restricted by a steady cash flow.

Bartercard members enjoy the flexibility to purchase and sell everyday goods and services on trade, fromstationery requirements to Real Estate and Travel.

Our successful case history is evident in Australia and New Zealand where we are a household name. It's quite remarkable. Above all, we are the largest and fastest growing Barter network in the world!

The network is a completely self-contained economy that operates along side the cash economy and its Bartercard currency, Trade Pounds (T£) holds the equivalent value to pound sterling and are recognised legally by both the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise. So in essence, by joining the network, you pay in 'Trading Pounds' instead of regular pounds. Paying in Trade Pounds saves cash, so Bartercard members can trade with whoever they want, whenever they want, keeping cash in their business.

Bartercard helps businesses utilise 'spare capacity' that might otherwise be wasted, protecting cash flow which is often quite tight in small and medium sized businesses. It also actively generates new business leads, helping members grow their customer base and expand.

How it works

  • Bartercard introduces businesses and companies to each other to trade goods and services by buying and selling;
  • Bartercard acts as a third party record keeper;
  • Bartercard keeps track of all member transactions and credits and debits member accounts;
  • Bartercard membership smart cards can enable transactions made across the network to be processed electronically by swiping them across existing debit and credit card EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at the Point of Sale terminals).

One Trade Pound = One Pound Sterling


  • Purchase with an interest-free line of credit, conserving your cash resources;
  • Purchase with a discount equivalent to the gross margin of your goods and services;
  • Bartercard devoted Trade Co-Ordinator can act as your purchasing agent (sourcing products on your behalf);
  • Enables you to finance purchases directly from additional sales.


  • Bartercard guarantees you extra business;
  • Bartercard's professional sales team will help promote your product or service;
  • Complete record keeping service;
  • Access to international markets;
  • Improved cash flow.

The Model Franchise...
Bartercard is based on a franchise model already proven successful. The company and its franchises are assisting thousands of businesses to grow, increase cash flow, maximise resources, save money and generate bigger profits. Bartercard's UK strategy is to accelerate the number of local Bartercard brokerages around England, each of which will help develop the network of businesses in facilitating memberships and transactions within the local, national and international network of businesses.

What they say...
Matt Harding, franchisee for Bartercard Essex
Matt was initially attracted to Bartercard because it is such a a simple concept but with a huge potential market. Purchasing the franchise has not only given him an unrivalled product that will suit any business but a fully developed support network and internationally proven system which has enabled him to enjoy a growth rate of 300 per cent in the last 12 months - winning Trading Brokerage and Sales Brokerage of the Year in 2002.
"During the year 2000, whilst my roofing and cladding company was a member of Bartercard, I worked for Bartercard Head Office helping to set up a marketing team and expand the network to the east of London. After this close relationship with Bartercard and also experiencing the positive effects Bartercard had on my own business I decided to purchase the Franchise for the Essex area in April 2001.'

Tom Varcoe, owner of Bartercard Cornwall
"I was attracted to Bartercard because it is a simple concept with a huge potential market. Better still, it is a business that will benefit from the Internet and communications revolution, but not be superseded by it, the potential for growth is enormous.

As an entrepreneur, Bartercard allows me to set up and control my own business, and yet to benefit from a tried and tested formula that has good systems in place.

Like more established franchises, it allows me to hit the ground running, but it is also at a very exciting stage of development, and has only recently changed gear towards major future growth."