The world leader in ice cream treats

America's favourite neighbourhood ice cream shop

The Baskin-Robbins menu includes ice cream waffle cones, premium sundaes, 'grab-n-go' tubs, premium ice cream cakes, as well as a full range of frozen and ice cream beverages including blasts® and shakes and the exciting new range of soft serve ice creams. With every store offering a minimum of 31 flavours (one for every day of the month) selected from the company's library of over 1,000 recipes.

Baskin-Robbins is seeking franchise owners for single store and small network opportunities for each of its store concepts. Ideally, prospective franchise owners should have experience in the food industry or of running their own customer focused business, but certainly ambition to grow and develop their Baskin-Robbins business with the guidance of a world leading brand.

A flexible design solution for every venue

The experience store

  • The evolution of the ice cream experience.
  • Part ice cream indulgence and dessert theatre.
  • Enjoy traditional ice cream, made-to-order desserts, hot espresso beverages and other products created by in-store pastry chefs.
  • Target 1,500 sq ft.

The neighbourhood store

  • The favourite neighbourhood ice cream shop.
  • Features the full range of Baskin-Robbins ice cream products for an eat in and take home experience.
  • 500-1,200 sq ft.

BR kiosk

  • All the features of a traditional store but with a reduced flavour offer.
  • Can include Soft Serve platform.
  • Between 300 -500 sq ft.

BR express

  • Simplified, quick and convenient option for specialised non-traditional locations and store-in-store applications.
  • Based on a Soft Serve only platform with 31O Below Mix-In treats, Cappuccino Blast and Fruit Blast Beverages, Optional Cakes, Grab and Go ice cream and Novelties.
  • Minimum 150 sq ft.

Baskin-Robbins stores benefit from the uniqueness of the brand, the range of products, the proven business model and a lot of innovation. The company wants to bring prospective franchise owners on board as soon as possible and focus on opening stores, as it has done successfully all over the world.