BB's Coffee & Muffins: Make muffins, make money!

Phil Blackman and Karen Fisher decided to become BB's Coffee & Muffins franchisees in 2004 - within two years they had opened their second store and were recently crowned BB's Franchisees of the Year!

Phil and Karen exchanged life as petrol retailers to become master muffin bakers and coffee baristas when they opened their first store in Southampton. In December 2005 they opened a second café on a brand new site in Eastbourne.

They now serve 4,000 customers a week across their two cafes, employ around 20 people and are ready for a third store opening. 'We are very involved in running the cafés and it's important that you love serving quality food to the public,' says Phil.

'Our muffins our second to none and we take a lot of pride in them. The mouth-watering aroma of fresh baking draws customers into the café.

'BB's has built a really strong business based primarily in shopping centres and this is great as it guarantees footfall, the right kind of customer and secure locations.

"Although we had previous experience of catering, BB's provides full training and operational support, particularly in the early days. There is a marketing team, which develops national programmes and promotions, and we also get involved in promoting the cafés locally.'

BB's has a strong consumer proposition based on freshness -muffins are prepared, mixed and baked from scratch every day, the baguettes are also freshly baked and all the sandwiches made fresh from quality ingredients. Drinks such as cappuccino and latte, and a range of iced coffees, smoothies and milkshakes are all prepared to order.

Phil & Karen also serve New Zealand Natural premium quality ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet.

BB's Franchisee of the Year Award recognises the operator who reaches and maintains excellent standards in food and drink preparation, hygiene and cleanliness and delivers consistently high levels of product quality and customer service.

'Karen and Phil are great examples of franchisees who take advantage of being part of a brand and work hard to build their business,' comments Managing Director Phil Abbott. 'They have shown great commitment to serving customers with great food and drinks and creating a friendly atmosphere in their cafés.

'We have some great opportunities for potential franchisees who want to enjoy the benefits of Britain's love affair with cafés and become a part of a strong brand that is growing fast.'

Wake up & sell the coffee!

The British public's love affair with coffee and cafés is growing stronger all the time. BB's Coffee & Muffins offers franchisees a chance to be part of a unique brand which is the UK's number 1 coffee chain in shopping centres.

BB's muffins are famous because they are prepared, mixed and baked from scratch every day in each café, the aroma of freshly baked muffins brings consumers in and the range of deliciously different flavours at affordable prices keeps them coming back.

Combine that with freshly baked baguet tes and pastries, handmade sandwiches, specially selected 100% Arabica bean coffee and a range of popular blended chilled drinks - you can see BB's has the formula for success.