A wide range of services provides franchise owners with high levels of income

The variety of professional services BCR Associates’ franchise owners provides has resulted in it becoming one of the fastest growing cost reduction companies in the UK.

BCR Associates works with clients to increase their profitability by cutting any overspend on essential overheads including energy, insurance, finance, telecommunications, vehicles, water and green services.

However, the white collar franchise opportunity is not just about cost reduction but also provides HR advice and support. After all, what is the point of reducing outgoings if a business can be undone by costs awarded against them at a tribunal, all because they failed to keep abreast of ever changing EU HR legislation?

BCR Associates’ franchise owner, Neil Rice (pictured right top), finds the HR service he provides to clients on top of cost savings makes him an extremely valuable part of their outsourced management team.

“Although we initially usually look at a client’s overheads, we find many SME businesses are not fully HR compliant, leaving them vulnerable should a dispute or accident arise,” explains Neil.

“Often this is because they don’t have an in-house resource and are too busy to get around to looking at this important area of the business. What BCR Associates can offer is firstly a free, no-obligations consultation with a HR specialist from our partner, the UK’s largest HR consultancy and then, if they wish, an annual agreement offering 24/7 advice and support.

“I recently worked with an established care home business, which plans to grow through acquisition. Aside from the obvious benefits of HR legal compliance, an attractive part of our HR offering is that fees are calculated as a percentage of turnover ‘at the point of entry’, so regardless of how big the company grows over time, their costs remain fixed.

“The BCR Associates franchise enables me to maximise my income as I get paid good commission for every service taken.”

The 56 per cent increase in the number (236,100) of tribunal applications in the last year highlights how vulnerable companies can be and, though the average payout was £9,120, the highest payout was £234,549 and it is not uncommon for smaller businesses to go under as a result. BCR Associates’ HR/health and safety services ensure this doesn’t happen.

All UK businesses, which employ staff – including part-time, temporary and casual – are required to be fully compliant with HR and health and safety legislation. However, with an estimated eight out of 10 companies not being fully compliant, it seems most must be simply hoping they don’t find themselves at a tribunal even though there is a reverse burden of proof meaning the employer is considered to be guilty unless they can prove otherwise. Unfair dismissal, unauthorised deductions, working time directives, breach of contract and equal pay are the main reasons for tribunal claims.

Richard Dormer (pictured right bottom), BCR Associates Director, adds: “Our franchise owners are already a key part of their clients’ cost management teams and earn extremely high levels of income from these activities. By also being able to offer HR services, we separate ourselves from competitors and our clients really appreciate that extra added value we provide. We are seeing an increased demand for HR services as the number of tribunal claims increase year on year and by partnering with the UK’s largest HR consultancy we can offer the best services at extremely competitive rates.”

BCR Associates is one of the fastest growing cost reduction companies in the UK and is looking for people with senior management B2B experience to join its network of high earning franchise owners.

It is one of the few cost reduction companies to pass 100 per cent of the savings on to its customers, resulting in high customer acquisition and renewal rates.

Its franchise owners consult across energy, telecoms, insurance, business rates, finance, HR, water, vehicles and green services.

The BCR Associates Franchise Offers:

  • An earning potential of £100,000+ (its first franchise owner achieved this in less than 10 months)
  • Home working
  • Full training – no need for specialist knowledge in any of our services
  • Head office admin and marketing support
  • Extensive marketing collateral
  • Access to full supply chain of partners for all cost reduction and HR services

Reported by Fraser McKay