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Have you always wanted to run your own business? At BCR Associates we’re offering people like you a chance to become a franchisee. We’ll give you 120 days training and offer plenty of support every step of the way. You can start trading from day one so what’s stopping you?

Richard Dormer (Director/Founder, BCR Associates): Someone should buy into a BCR franchise for one word really and that’s security. Security of income, security of support, and security of the market place that we work in - we’re frankly cost reduction to businesses - that’s a market that’s not going away in this present climate.

We’re different from the rest of the offerings in the market in so far that through our training and through our support we offer our franchise owners a return in investment within their training period. On top of that we want our franchise owners out there doing what they do best so we’ll be chasing the money, we’ll be chasing a lot of the administrative support, and on top of that the clients don’t see a cost. We are a free resource to them saving time and money.

Pip Wilkins (Business Development Manager, British Franchise Association): People should consider a franchise because it is a proven business system somebody has already gone out and made the expensive mistakes so you don’t have to. You’ll be trained initially and on an ongoing basis so you are going to be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Nigel Collins (BCR Associates Franchise Owner): What attracted me to the BCR franchise was the simplicity of the business model you live and die by the sword, unless we get results for businesses i.e. save them money we don’t get paid. A lot of people ask, a lot of businesses ask, what is the catch? There is no catch, we don’t charge, we don’t take a percentage of the saving, we simple save businesses money.

Since I signed up the support I have from head office in particular Chris and Richard, actually all the energy brokers in the office, has been exceptional. If we’ve had a problem or if our knowledge has been floundering, we can ring them up and they are always there to help us.

Gilly Sutherland (Trainer, BCR Associates): It’s really rewarding working with the new franchise owners and of course it is challenging because they have a lot of questions, they want to get it right and for me I want to make sure they are confident and competent to go out and do a really good job with what they’re doing and make a success out of it. It’s a new lifestyle, a new business for them and so it is really important that we give them the support going forward to make it successful.

Alex Mackie (Relationship Manager, Lloyds TSB Commercial): I’m one of 50 managers being introduced into the Lloyds network to support new franchisees looking to start up in the franchise market. We work alongside 17 franchise development managers across the UK. We’re looking to really put ourselves in the marketplace and make ourselves different from our competitors by providing that local support that franchisees and franchisors need.

Nigel Collins: I’ve never had so much fun in my life in business.

Nigel Hardy (Baker Tilley – Audit and Assurance, Pensions): Well I refer clients to Nigel for probably a couple of reasons. Firstly he gives a very good quality service and has managed to find some good cost savings for a number off them. But secondly it helps with what I call my client care. I believe people do business with people and any opportunity to put two people together where they may get a benefit from that, I think is very important. And so I have only had good responses back from those clients that have used Nigel’s service, whether or not they have managed to get a good cost saving, and I believe that reflects well on my firm too.