Franchise couple hit £100k turnover in 10 months

Such has been the success of its franchise owners; BCR Associates has just launched its 100 Club to reward those whose turnover has passed the £100,000 mark. Fraser McKay talks to its first member Nigel Collins.

Less than a year ago, Nigel Collins (pictured top) and his wife, Pip, had just moved house for the third time in five months and were looking to put their lives and careers back on track.

Ten months later, they have not only achieved this goal but are also the first BCR Associates’ franchise owners to hit a turnover of more than £100,000!

“It was hard work to begin with but we are now in a position to start thinking about employing another member of staff and move into an office,” explains Nigel.

“My background before becoming a BCR Associates franchise owner was in mortgages and business-to-business services. I had heard very good things about BCR Associates and decided to discover more about the franchise, so arranged a meeting with the company’s Director Richard Dormer.

“I was so impressed with what he told me about the business model, that I said there and then that I would be interested in becoming the franchise owner in the Exeter area, where Pip and I live.”

Nigel runs his BCR Associates franchise in partnership with Pip, who handles the office side of the business and deals with clients, while Nigel concentrates on creating new business and following up enquiries from new clients.

“The BCR Associates’ business model is so simple and strong – it saves its customers money without costing them anything,” reveals Nigel.

BCR Associates’ franchise owners specialise in making savings from their clients’ essential running costs across energy, telecoms, insurance, water, staff, finance, vehicles, business rates and green services.

“How it works is that BCR Associates receives copies of the bills from clients, analyses their current situation on their behalf, delivers a review and recommendations and then puts their new contracts out to tender across our wide network of supply chain partners,” says Nigel.

“We can get some of the best rates and tariffs available and nine times out of 10 we find savings for our clients. “For example, a security company asked me to look at ways of saving money on their electricity bill for one of their sites and we made a saving of 18.35 per cent. They came back to us to do the same for a second location where we saved them 37 per cent.

“I have also helped cut the energy bill for a farm supplies firm by £4,118, while Pip has reduced the energy costs for a multi-site, healthcare company by £13,000.

“Quite often the savings include changing supplier, which we organise on the client’s behalf, though sometimes the current supplier re-tenders more competitively as they don’t want to lose business.

“If we can make savings, the new suppliers will pay us. If we can’t find any savings, we don’t charge the customer so they benefit either way.”

As Nigel and Pip had no experience in the cost reduction industry, they have found their ongoing training, which started with an induction course at BCR Associates’ head office, provides them with a thorough understanding of all the services, which BCR Associates consults on.

“As a franchise owner, I have found the back up from head office cannot be faulted and they make us feel really valued,” says Nigel, “while being named BCR Associates’ first 100 Club member and its reward of a luxury weekend break has proved a delightful surprise.”