Get more mobile. Be more sociable. Win more business.

With more and more users viewing online pages via their mobile phones or tablets, it is increasingly important to ensure your online presence is easily accessible from a mobile device. Here, Iceni Digital explains why.

When was the last time you looked at your website on a mobile device?

These days, at Iceni Digital, we are constantly being asked by clients to produce mobile versions of their websites. Before, it was considered an added extra, now it is essential. In 2014, a study by comScore revealed that the number of mobile Internet users finally exceeded the number of desktop users and now mobile usage accounts for 52 per cent of time spent consuming digital media. In fact, combined with mobile web and mobile usage, users now spend a total of 60 per cent of their time consuming digital media on mobile devices with the remaining 40 per cent on desktops.

Have you checked your own website on your mobile yet?

Previously, achieving a mobile friendly website meant that your website agency would need to design a site for not just your desktop user, but also one for a Blackberry, another for the iPhone and then the iPad, netbook and Kindle and so on. Screen resolutions had to be compatible too and that’s without considering the new devices that we’ll see in the not too distant future! That made it expensive and difficult to keep up with.

By users, we of course mean customers, consumers, clients, and existing and prospective franchise owners, the people that spend their money with your business. Are you confident that those 60 per cent are getting to see your brand, your image, your website as it should be? Can they even use it effectively? You might well be losing out on business if not.

It is time for you to respond? Responsive web design is the approach that suggests that design and development of your website should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. We won’t bore you with the technicalities of how this is done. At Iceni Digital we deal in peace of mind, not headaches. Essentially it means that your website visitors can switch from laptop to mobile to tablet and your website adapts to accommodate for resolution, screen size and orientation. In other words, the website has the technology to ‘respond’ to the visitors preferences. Not only this, but your website has a longer shelf life. As more web browsing gadgets are launched onto the market, so your responsive website investment goes further.

Checked your website on your mobile yet? Did you look at your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed at the same time? When those 60 per cent of Internet users, your potential customers, are busy on their mobile devices, more than half (57 per cent) are using apps every single day. Of that, nearly half again spend their time on social networking sites, with Facebook and Twitter featuring heavily. So is your business on there too?

Our social media service for businesses,, will tell you more about how social media can enhance your marketing power and increase website traffic. It is now no secret that social media is playing a big part in business.

Social media is an easy way to learn about your audience. You can discover which is the most popular platform for your client base, what content is most talked about, which days and times are best to communicate with them and even where they are based. You can also use feeds to scour the Internet for other content including industry news, competitor research, latest products and services.

Businesses are now using social media to better understand their audience and target them accordingly, as well as finding more customers and expanding their reach. Facebook and Twitter allow your business to receive instant feedback on product purchases and customer experiences. Who doesn’t want that?

Of course, the communication need not be one way. Businesses are now able to share information more widely and cost-effectively than ever before with social media. Embedded links and the importance that Google places on social media, means that your website will receive more traffic and improve per cent search engine ranking performance. The result? More meaningful relationships and a better business.