Beanscene launches ambitious franchising strategy

Glasgow-headquartered Widescreen Holdings, the company best known for its rapidly expanding chain of Beanscene coffee and music houses, has launched an ambitious UK-wide franchising strategy which aims to deliver a further 25 outlets - comprising a combination of managed and franchised stores - across Scotland within the next 18 months.

The franchising strategy, which comes three years after a pilot franchising programme designed to test the water, kicks off with a nationwide search for potential 'guardians of the brand' interested in becoming Beanscene franchise partners.

Gordon Richardson, Beanscene founder, said: 'What matters most about Beanscene is its vibe. We recognise that, as a lifestyle business, the best way to build the operation is to attract quality operators who understand the brand and have a vested interest in it to effectively run their own businesses as 'guardians of the brand'.

'I've always insisted that Beanscene's brand values will never be compromised and that's why we are now channelling our energies into sourcing and recruiting the right franchise partners who understand what the brand is all about.'

The franchise strategy is to open up to 45 Beanscene stores throughout Scotland over the course of the next three years, comprising three managed superstores surrounded by a mix of up to 15 satellite managed and franchised stores. The three superstores, to be based at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, will act as training centres for new franchise partners. The same model will then be replicated south of the border.

Having established itself as a neighbourhood brand, as a consequence of its policy of avoiding city centre locations in favour of opening stores in city suburbs, Beanscene now intends to extend its scope into more diverse locations where the demographic is better suited for franchised operations to prosper than conventional managed stores.

There are currently 13 Beanscene stores spread throughout Scotland. Widescreen Holdings' current turnover is £4.2 million and it employs a staff of 150. Turnover is expected to rise to circa £7 million over the next 12 months.