A new Master Franchise opportunity for the UK

A new Master Franchise opportunity has become available in the UK, as a European-based business training franchise is looking to expand nationwide. BEITRAINING® is looking for an entrepreneur to own and operate its Master Franchise rights, creating a network of franchise owners across the UK.

The BEITRAINING® franchise is based on over 30 years of experience providing business training programmes for SMEs owners and employees. The company specialises in running courses that are usually not part of the curriculum at school or university and cover a range of business areas such as management, sales, services and personal growth. The programmes run by BEITRAINING® focus on ensuring that trainees have the skills and techniques that are essential for a successful career. The company currently provides training to 1,500 SMEs and several franchise systems in 14 regions in Europe.

The BEITRAINING® UK Master Franchisee's role will involve selling single-unit franchise training centres across the UK; conducting all new franchise owner training; and organising and co-ordinating support service with the internal sales team.

BEITRAINING® will provide all the knowledge it has gained from operating the business to enable the Master Franchisee to build a network of single unit franchise owners who will recruit SMEs as customers and deliver the training programmes. The company strives to create long-term relationships with its customers in order to enhance their results, which provides a high percentage of repeat business for franchise owners.

As part of the BEITRAINING® franchise package the UK Master Franchisee will receive full training and ongoing support. The UK Master Franchisee can expect to receive:

  • a business which can be sold afterwards
  • experience and knowledge gained from 30 years of operating
  • only voluntary and motivated trainees (enabling more effective training, measurable results and more satisfied training clients)
  • referrals from day one of operating
  • excellent training
  • more than 30 high quality 'people skills' training programmes

BBEITRAINING® is looking for Master Franchise candidates who are ambitious and sales oriented experienced professionals. Furthermore, candidates should have:

  • energy and focus to build their own business
  • willingness to learn a new system of 'high touch' service sales
  • entrepreneurial motivation and skills
  • ability to learn and operate within international standards
  • motivation to enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience
  • desire to sell and serve entrepreneurs doing business within your local area
  • ambition to build a substantial six-figure net income

The BEITRAINING® franchise opportunity could provide the perfect business for an entrepreneur wanting to build a network of franchise owners throughout the UK with the backup and support of an experienced and established brand.