Complete Commercial Cleaning


Betterclean Services' comprehensive training programme will focus on understanding the market, selling Betterclean Services, covering all sales and marketing and administrative systems, together with the essential quality assurance procedures, maintaining standards and how to undertake and service clients’ needs.

Launch Programme

To help with an immediate and effective launch programme – with a view to creating brand awareness and generating prospective client enquiries – Betterclean Services, as franchisor, will tailor an effective launch programme.

Personalised Stationery Package

For the provision of all the necessary stationery used within the Betterclean Services franchise and will consist of an initial supply.

Promotional Literature

To be used during the start-up period of the business, to ensure a successful launch.

Equipment and Products

This is for the initial supply of branded cleaning chemicals and equipment necessary to operate the business.

Corporate Dress

This is for the supply of the comprehensive corporate uniform for employees and will include the full complement of branded items to enhance brand recognition within the franchise owner’s territory.

BLISS (Betterclean Logistical Information Software System)

Betterclean Services’ bespoke software system that incorporates database software, the generation of quotes, management facilities and time-keeping records.


Each franchise owner will be provided with their own page giving contact details, linked to the corporate website as part of the package deliverable. This will be used for second level marketing. In addition, a dedicated Betterclean Services email address will also be provided for the franchise owner to use and will enhance brand continuity.

0845 Telephone Number and Email Address

Head office will set up franchise owner’s personal Betterclean 0845 telephone number.

Employment Law Support

Betterclean Services will also provide franchise owners with the initial support in relation to the complexities of employment law via its experienced employment law consultant.


The package provides for the initial down-payment rental and ongoing preferential terms with a major commercial supplier. Also included is full livery and suitable racking to carry the necessary equipment and products.

Operations Manual

A comprehensive operations manual will be supplied that details the A-Z of the business method.

Support Services

Betterclean Services provides comprehensive support services to all its franchise owners including:

  • Ongoing development of the all-important BLISS software
  • Special group purchases
  • Field support
  • Maintenance of a highly professional website
  • Ongoing training courses
  • Supply of quality branded cleaning products
  • Membership of trade associations
  • Betterclean Services forum
  • Current health and safety legislation
  • Exhibition support
  • Maintenance of corporate image
  • Effective communication systems
  • Periodic meetings
  • Regional support
  • Public relations assistance
  • Ongoing marketing strategy