Business is blooming...

with Betterclean Services, Complete Commercial Cleaning

Betterclean Services’ company-owned operation in Torquay continues to enjoy success upon success. Year-on-year turnover and profitability have steadily increased as Betterclean Services enjoys high repeat business with very good client retention, as well as increasing its referral business portfolio following introductions to blue chip brands.

The Betterclean Services Customer Experience

At the heart of the Betterclean Services franchise opportunity is the delivery of the Betterclean Services customer experience. Over the years, Betterclean Services’ management team has constantly enhanced the key elements of the customer experience in order to maximise the opportunity, resulting in excellent repeat and referral business.

Good business is based on satisfied clients, something that Betterclean Services excel at. It is the delivery of a good customer experience that ensures Betterclean Services seek to maximise the opportunity to impress with each and every cleaning job.

Betterclean Services’ Managing Director Dan van Kuyk says: “Our aim is to provide client satisfaction by providing a first class commercial cleaning service through innovation, efficient working practices, effective communication, quality assurance and consistent improvement.

“Our objective is to become the commercial cleaning service provision of choice.” In essence, the Betterclean Services is a white-collar business building franchise opportunity, which requires enthusiasm, drive and passion for exacting client service levels. If you feel you have the motivation to emulate our highly successful formula, we would be very keen to talk to you.

Franchise Package

The initial Franchise Package provides the deliverables appropriate to a new franchise launch including the use of the unique operating software. The Franchise Package content includes:

  • 5 day comprehensive residential training programme
  • 3 day on-location full training with an Area Manager
  • Full launch programme tailored to your territory
  • Promotional literature and stationery package
  • Branded cleaning products and necessary equipment
  • Company corporate uniforms
  • Betterclean Logistical Information Software System (BLISS)
  • Corporate website with email addresses
  • Fully branded vehicle with suitable racking
  • Detailed operations manual

Our Commitment

Betterclean Services support - we aim to be with you all the way in developing a successful and thriving business, in essence our success is your success.