Change your life, and help change the world

Bio Depot is a unique 'cradle to grave' concept designed to meet the growing demand for renewable energy, managed waste solutions and reductions in carbon emissions throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the World.

What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel (also known as biofuel, or bio diesel) is an alternative diesel fuel produced from renewable sources such as vegetable oils, recycled cooking oils, and crushed oil seed. Using the appropriate recipe BioDepot's micro brewery can produce Biodiesel to EN 14214 and ASTM standards and can be used in any modern car or commercial vehicle right up to 100% concentration.

This is a complete business opportunity that enables a Management Franchise to commence trading in a fast growing 'Life Style Choice' Franchise that not only makes a difference to the environment and waste reduction, but also creates a substantial income.

Included in the package are:

  • Deposit on a complete production plant (Bio Micro Brewery)
  • Collection facilities for base material (used vegetable oil)
  • End user sales systems
  • Quality fresh vegetable oil delivery
  • Full training (operational Bio Diesel production, technical, business/finance, sales & marketing)
  • Full launch programme
  • Ongoing mentoring and quality assurance support
  • National branded identity
  • Signifi cant personal income potential. (In excess of £150,000)
  • Support in sourcing suitable premises and acquiring environment agency permits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use biodiesel in my car or commercial vehicle?
Yes, you can use it in any modern diesel vehicle right up to 100%.
Is the finished product good enough to sell?
Yes, the biodiesel is produced to EN14214 standards utilising the appropriate recipe.
Will I be competitive in the market place?
Yes, you will profi tably be able to supply top quality environmentally friendly Biodiesel for less than the price of standard diesel.

The Bio Depot Management Franchise Opportunity

BioDepot Management Franchises are available from £35,000 + VAT and you will need working capital.

Additional funds needed can be financed subject to status.

The UK's 1st 'Green Courier' Franchise (Delivering quality fresh cooking oil and collecting waste for Bio Diesel)

We will train you and in less than 4 weeks you will be fully equipped and trained to be among the first 'Green Couriers' in the UK servicing both our existing national major customers and local independents in your own exclusive operating area.



  • Earnings from day one
  • Unique Green Courier franchise
  • Territories available from £17,950
  • Repeat business
  • Start up funding available
  • Potential earnings over £35,000 pa