Change your life and help change the world...a remarkable franchise opportunity

Bio Depot is a unique concept designed to meet the growing demand for renewable energy, managed waste solutions and reductions in carbon emissions throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the World.

Biodiesel is a truly amazing type of alternative fuel which can power any diesel engine unmodified. It can also be used in furnaces as a replacement fuel for oil. Bio-fuel is made primarily of vegetable oils (both new or used). You really can power your car with the cooking oil from your local fast food restaurant.

The BioDepot Management Franchise opportunity is a total turn-key, fully operational Biodiesel production facility complete with methodology and systems for the collection of base production material and direct to end user sales and ongoing supply.

What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel (also known as biofuel, or bio diesel) is an alternative diesel fuel produced from renewable sources such as vegetable oils, and crushed oil seed. Biodepot's unique Bio Micro Brewery ensures that the biodiesel is produced to EN 14214 and ASTM standards by following our methods and recipe, and can be used in any modern car or commercial vehicle right up to 100% concentration. Biodepot's operational and logistically sound business model means that the Franchisee will be able to profitably sell top quality environmentally friendly biodiesel for less than the price of standard fossil fuel based diesel.

This is a complete business opportunity that enables a Management Franchisee to commence trading in a fast growing 'Life-style Choice' Franchise that not only makes a difference to the environment and waste reduction, but also creates a substantial income.

The Biodepot Management Franchise Opportunity

Biodepot Management Franchises are available from £35,000 Plus VAT and you will need working capital. Given Biodepot's contacts with leading financial institutions, it is anticipated that a minimum of £40,000 in liquid capital be required. Additional funds needed can be financed subject to status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use biodiesel in my car or commercial vehicle?
Yes, you can use it in any modern diesel vehicle right up to 100%

Is the finished product good enough to sell?
Yes, the biodiesel recipe is produced to EN 14214 standards utilising the appropriate recipe.

Will I be competitive in the marketplace?
Yes, you will be able to profitably supply top quality environmentally friendly Biodiesel for less than the price of standard diesel.

Who are we looking for?

Do any of the following paragraphs sound familiar to you?

'I want more time with my family and choose when I want to work'

'I am fed up with spending my time, and using my skills, working for someone else and making them wealthy. I want to start getting paid what I am really worth.'

'I can't stand the office politics any more. I need to become my own boss before it's too late.'

'I've recently been made redundant. I don't want to be in that position again. I need to use what has happened as a springboard to a better way of life.'

'I have money to invest in a brighter future for me and my family.'

BioDepot could be just the business you are looking for.

With a BioDepot franchise you will be working with a network of like-minded individuals to build a global brand within the exciting world of biodiesel.