Bluebird Care launches

Bluebird Care, a newly launched franchise delivering care to people at home, has highlighted the findings of a new report commissioned by charity 'The Kings Fund', which has found a huge demand for care over the course of the next 20 years and beyond.

Sir Derek Wanless' report has stated that there should be a huge increase in the amount of funding available from Westminster to allow people to stay at home when they are elderly or unwell.

'This is a huge boost for not only the people for whom we provide care but also for the Bluebird Care franchise,' says Managing Director Paul Tarsey. 'With domiciliary care there is a huge benefit in that there is very strong customer loyalty so you continue to provide the same amount of care to each person week after week. This means that you are building your turnover cumulatively each week. The Department of Health has welcomed the report and acknowledges that there will be increasing demand for domiciliary care in future. The care market in the UK is already worth over £12 billion per year and this is set to rise by nearly 70 per cent.'