Who we are and what we do

Bluestones Logistics is part of the highly successful Bluestones Group; and exciting, innovative, and forward thinking company. Bluestones Logistics is currently enjoying unprecedented growth successfully supplying temporary drivers to the blue chip transport companies. Our clients expect Bluestones Logistics to supply high quality, professional drivers to assist them in their individual operations.

By selecting and recruiting, only the best franchisees we ensure the continuance of both our and your successful businesses. So, if you’re highly motivated, hard working, professional individual, and have experience in the recruitment industry…

We’re waiting to hear from you.

  • Since the revival in the country’s economy, the logistics industry has seen a resurgence in growth, with it now being said to be worth over £70bn a year and employing in the region of 2.2 million people.
  • An indication of this growth is the increased demand for our services from our customers which builds on a daily basis.
  • By opening and running a Bluestones Logistics franchise business you could enjoy being a part of and benefiting from this lucrative market.
  • We confidently project that at the end of Year 1 you will have gross sales in excess of £600,000. Sales growth is predicted to be in the region of 25%

What makes Bluestones Logistics different?

  • We don’t waffle or make false promises; we give you exactly “what it says on the tin”. We are there to assist, guide, and support you throughout the implementation process of your business.
  • We continue to provide guidance and support in growing your business, giving you the systems and procedures to achieve your goal.

What we offer.

  • Access to our clients database
  • Assistance with client introductions and presentations
  • Exclusive trading territory
  • Bespoke recruitment software
  • Two week intensive tailored training program
  • Access to our marketing and social media departments
  • Corporate stationary and brand identity
  • Accountancy facilities from within the Bluestones Group
  • Detailed manuals
  • Back office solutions from with the Bluestones Group
  • Invoice factoring
  • 5 year franchise agreement

What dies it cost? Your package, licence, exclusive trading territory, full support PLUS access to our professional services cost: £30,000 + VAT