A design for life

Interior design is, inarguably, an inherently personal practice. When viewing the aesthetics of the environment in which someone has chosen to live, you are actually peering into the cumulative intricacies of an entire life. Gareth Samuel investigates how BoConcept franchise owners are thriving in a working environment where customer focus, persistence and creativity are handsomely rewarded.

If you look, you will find a BoConcept Brand or Inspiration store in most major cities around the world. Just metres away from the enchanting Notre Dame Cathedral sits the first ever BoConcept brand location, now 20 years old. The charming boulevards of Paris proved to be just the showcase the business needed to kick-start what is now a world-renowned interior design brand with more than 250 sales units in 60 countries around the world.

The passion and persistence of the people behind it drives the BoConcept brand. Whether they are designing a wall unit, leading a team or managing a store, these elements run right the way through the company. The BoConcept mission is to simply make attractive and modern-design furniture available to the urban-minded customer.

The franchise model comes with a strong track record of proven success, with franchise owners making money right now across the globe. Specifically, the franchise offering provides investors with national advertising campaigns based around a solid trading name, high turnover potential and high gross profit margins, local comprehensive support from the Market Organisation and much more.

Franchise owners take on a management role of their own location, ensuring their store lives up to the excellent reputation BoConcept can currently boast in the interior design field. Franchise owners are expected to become role models to all employees within the business’ framework, with visible drive and passion as the lead coordinator in making their store a success. The BoConcept University Department is an important part of the franchise offering, which investors can utilise to offer their staff long and fruitful careers as skilled individuals.

The product offering gives consumers customised, coordinated and affordable designer furniture and accessories. Each holistically developed and designed product in the ever-evolving BoConcept range can be fitted to specific customer requirements at an affordable price.

BoConcept believes happiness is directly connected to personal freedom – the business runs accordingly, offering choice to the consumer rather than uniformity. No two people are the same so why should their walls have to be?

BoConcept franchise owners around the world share a mutual interest in attractive design and sublime furnishings. In addition, many franchise owners are driven by the desire to be self-employed, with the backing only a major international chain provides.

The BoConcept story started back in 1952, when two gifted Danish craftsmen Jens Ærthøj Jensen and Tage Mølholm opened a furniture factory in the small town of Herning, Denmark, to provide elegant furniture at a reasonable price. Although the business has evolved dramatically, the core ethics of value, co-operation and quality remain the same today.