Protecting your brand in Europe and beyond

You can gain ownership of registered rights for your brand in 27 countries for a very small outlay. Bernard Whyatt, of Brand Protect, explains

Although trademarks are purely national in nature (each trademark is only valid in one country), it is possible to gain ownership of registered rights in other countries very cheaply.

If you intend to work at all in Europe, then it is essential that you make an application for a Community trademark. On registration, the rights obtained by a Community trademark are valid in all the 27 member states of the European Union (EU). Thus one application can protect your brand in all the countries of the EU.

Getting a Community trademark is not expensive. It costs €900 to make an application in three classes. The registration lasts for 10 years. Therefore, the costs of this mark are €3.33 per country per year – less than you would pay for a domain name.

No only does a Community trademark protect your brand in Europe, it also protects the brand in the United Kingdom.

At Brand Protect, we have been using the Community trademark system since its inception in 1996. We are acknowledged to be one of the foremost experts in Community trademark law and have been able to gain registration for marks where other advisors have failed.

Once the mark has been registered, the owner can license the mark for the whole of the EU, one country, or even part of a country. It can license the mark for some or all of the goods and services for which the mark is registered and for some or all of the time covered by the registration. Such licence agreements are essential parts of every franchise agreement. Without a registration, the franchisor may be prevented from selling his goods and services into a country. If you want to know if you can register a Community trade mark, Brand Protect offers a free consultation worth more than £500 where we will search the Community trademark register and give you an opinion whether or not your brand will achieve the status of a Community trademark. It is not often that you get something for nothing from a lawyer.

At Brand Protect, our multilingual team can help your brand be awarded the status of a Community trademark. If Europe is not your destination then we can gain trademark protection for little cost in countries such as the United States of America, Australia, Japan and China.

Give our experts at Brand Protect a call and we will be happy to advise you on the advantages of trademark protection in the country of your choice.