A Bright Future

Operating at the forefront of one of the most exciting and rapidly growing industries in the UK, Bright Care is a relatively new business with a bright future in franchising. FDS Scotland’s Graham Angus asks Bright Care Director, Tim Cocking, about his plans to expand and what franchising has meant for his business.

Tim Cocking first had the idea for the innovative care business, Bright Care in 2009 but after planning his market penetration strategy, he eventually launched the domiciliary care business a year later. “Bright Care provides care services to help older people with the activities of everyday living,” he explains. “This includes everything from assisting with the linen and laundry and helping people get out and about in the community to intensive live-in care for complex needs.”

This comprehensive approach to care services has struck a chord with the business’ exclusively private customers and the business is now thriving in the rapidly growing care industry. After registering impressive results, Bright Care soon developed into a desirable franchise opportunity. Tim says this was by far the best method of expansion for his business: “Franchising is the fastest way to increase the footprint of a business throughout the country. I would like to see our franchise model really take off building up to 150 professionally-run businesses in the UK over the next 10 years. It will be a fantastic challenge to embark on.”

Currently, the investment level required to become part of the fledgling Bright Care network is £29,900 plus VAT and naturally training, support and all of the trimmings are complete in the professionally-developed franchise package. In addition, the earnings potential is sizeable for hard working investors, franchise owners can expect to earn up to £100,000 by their third year of trading – an impressive figure to boast.

Tim adds: “We are seeking business professionals with a strong interest in the health care sector who know how to win business and can manage people. They also need to have a burning desire to build a rewarding business.” The care sector, while extremely profitable, is also one that allows franchise owners to give something back to their community and their customers. It is therefore vital, explains Tim, that they are well practiced in the duties they will need to fulfil in their new role: “Developing the reputation of the operation with local care professionals by getting out and about and making a stir – another important part of the role is in knowing how to identify then hire the right, genuinely caring, people for the carer’s role.”

Currently Bright Care has three offices, with a fourth in the pipeline, and the business has its sights set on offices in Perth, Aberdeen, Inverness and the Borders in the near future. “We believe that the demographics strongly favour our business model, comments Tim. “What differentiates Bright Care from other providers is that it deals exclusively with self-funded, private individuals looking to engage with a care provider whose care model creates space for companionship and quality time with clients and has taken a strategic decision not to involve itself with local authority contracts.”

The business model is one that has worked extremely well for the business so far and Tim’s plans to become the biggest care provider in Scotland for independent customers do not sound like the words of a dreamer as he has enjoyed such success so far. Finally, when asked why investors should choose Bright Care, he concludes: “Bright Care is one of the most innovative new entrants into the domiciliary care sector in Scotland and our eventual aim is to become one of the biggest enterprises of this kind in the UK. We have made a significant impact in a crowded marketplace by focusing on creating time for our care workers to interact with their elderly clientele and putting consideration and respect before profits and costs.”