British Franchise Association Grants iworkLife Accreditation

iworkLife are extremely proud to announce that they have been granted accreditation by the British Franchise Association. More than 260 franchisors in the past have chosen to submit their companies and their documentation to scrutiny by the BFA.

The BFA network encompass some 15,000 successful businesses and the criteria demands that all its members meet the following four general objectives.

Viable: All members of the BFA will have proved in the marketplace that their product or service is saleable and, furthermore, saleable at a profit that will support a franchised network.

Franchiseable: All members of the BFA will have proven they have the means to transfer their knowledge to a franchisee. Ethical: The BFA has joined with its sister bodies in Europe to devise a new and expanded code of ethics which all members commit themselves to abide by, which sets minimum conditions for the terms on which franchise agreements are devised.

Disclosure: All BFA members agree that they will, in advance of any lasting contractual agreement, disclose without ambiguity to prospective franchisees the information on their business which is material to the franchise agreement. All members submit their offer documents to the BFA as part of the accreditation process.