British Franchise Association: The Franchise model

If done well, franchising is a powerful tool for business development, growth and competitiveness, argues Dan Archer, Head of Marketing for the bfa

Over the past 10 years franchising has grown dramatically in the UK as more and more businesses look to develop their operations and networks through franchising. There are now 759 business format franchise systems - a growth of 60 per cent since 1995 - and 30,800 franchise units.

If it is done well, franchising is a powerful tool for business development, growth and competitiveness. The fundamental elements of a business format franchise are: piloting to prove the idea works and can be replicated; initial training for franchisees in the operation of the business; the ownership of the business by the franchisee and the capital investment they will have to make.
The provision of ongoing support by the franchisor is also a vital element. While the franchisee is the owner of the business, it is important to bear in mind that it is the franchisor's system and brand which the franchisee is operating under and therefore a continual dialogue between franchisor and franchisee is central to the success of the network as whole.

When considering whether you want to adopt the franchise model for expanding your own business or as a route into self-employment, it is important to carry out thorough research. The bfa has been the independent voice of franchising in the UK for 30 years. An important part of our work is to provide training and guidance for those either new to franchising or seeking a structured approach to researching their options.

An ideal way of learning more about becoming a franchisee or the steps towards franchising your business, is by attending a bfa educational workshop. Workshops consist of a series of balanced presentations delivered by speakers with practical experience of franchising. Full of relevant case studies, it will highlight best practice and help you to identify the potential problems and pitfalls of franchising.

bfa seminars 2007

Date - Workshop - Location

  • 18th April - Franchisee - London
  • 19th April - Franchisor - London
  • 16th May - Franchisor - Leeds
  • 17th May - Franchisee - Leeds
  • 26th June - Franchisor - Bristol
  • 27th June - Franchisee - Bristol
  • 17th July - Franchisor - London
  • 18th July - Franchisee - London
  • 21st Aug - Franchisor - Birmingham
  • 22nd Aug - Franchisee - Birmingham
  • 19th Sept - Franchisor - Manchester
  • 20th Sept - Franchisee - Manchester
  • 17th Oct - Franchisor - London
  • 18th Oct - Franchisee - London
  • 14th Nov - Franchisor - Birmingham
  • 15th Nov - Franchisee - Birmingham