A healthy outlook for business and a very promising opportunity

Taking a refreshingly new approach to business consulting has helped build a solid reputation for Business Doctors, and the company is now looking to offer its unique services across the UK with an exciting franchise opportunity.

As small and medium-sized enterprises experience a growing need for professional and specialised advice in moving forward successfully, many are now turning to the same managerial principles that have helped large corporations for years.

However, consultants generally fail to appreciate that the needs of smaller businesses are very different to those of their larger corporate clients.

Coldly objective assessments don't motivate company owners who have befriended their employees, and dispassionate advice won't help the passionate entrepreneur who was unprepared for the runaway success of their ideas.

The founders, owners and directors of the nation's 1.7 million VAT-registered small and medium-sized enterprises need more than just advice. They need guidance and understanding from experts who take a genuine personal interest in the health of their business. In short, they need Business Doctors.

Business Doctors was founded by the combined talents of Rod Davies and Matthew Levington who, between them, have led, developed and helped re-energise more than 200 companies across a spectrum of industries.

Throughout their careers they've had to develop and execute painstaking strategic and operational reviews and tune-ups with little recourse to outside help. Corporate consultants should have helped, but Rod and Matthew found them prohibitively expensive, aloof and out of touch with the needs of smaller businesses.

"Seeing the many challenges faced by growing businesses gave us an idea," says Rod. "We decided to systemise all the strategic and advisory tools we'd developed over the years and provide a genuine 'health check' service tailored to their specific needs. That's how Business Doctors was born."

Extensively tested in the field since 2004, Business Doctors has proved to be a hugely successful enterprise, with a glowing and ever-expanding portfolio of high-profile clients in the north west of the country.

The concept has also proved supremely suited to expansion and Matthew and Rod built a network of 16 Business Doctors associates in just three years. Having firmly established the Business Doctors brand, methods and presentation, the partners now have the confidence to bring their unique services to a larger market.

"Although we did consider corporate expansion," explains Rod, "we believe franchising to be the best way of delivering a quality, local Business Doctors service to companies across the UK."

Prioritising London, Birmingham and Newcastle as prime locations for franchise operations, Business Doctors still have a number of national territories available to capitalise on the clear potential out there. So far a further eight offices have been opened in the last 12 months.

"As well as running the North West, where our turnover was around £350,000 last year," says Road, "we're aiming to recruit a new area franchise owner every month - with a similar number of local franchise owners - as we grow the network. We know there's enough demand in the market to have a total of 50 regional and 200 local Business Doctors franchise owners across the UK."

Business Doctors firmly believes that by giving talented individuals the opportunity to own their own business - while enjoying the ongoing support of a growing national brand - they will emerge as the pre-eminent strategic business partner of small and medium-sized enterprises across the UK.

"So far we've helped over 200 companies implement strategies to achieve their business vision," explains Rod. "At the Business Doctors headquarters we've got a 'Happy Wall' that features over 40 testimonials from companies we've helped transform. It's a great foundation and with the help of our franchise owners we'll be building that wall higher and higher in the future."

Reported by Eric Secker

The Business Doctors opportunity

The Business Doctor package includes:

  • Licence fee to operate the Business Doctors brand
  • Business Doctors Operations Manual plus five Programme Leader Guides
  • Business Doctors Vision CRM package, which includes a full suite of professional business tools and bespoke document templates containing with a database of target customers within the territory
  • Professional laptop fully loaded with office software
  • 10 days residential training
  • 10 days in-field support
  • Launch marketing package
  • Full set of branded marketing materials
  • Dedicated website presence
  • Launch PR campaign
  • Full exhibition kit for seminars
  • Data projector and sound system
  • PI and Business Insurance
  • Initial Business Association Memberships

"The level of support I have received has been phenomenal and it is obvious that the head office staff are passionate about Business Doctors."

Gordon Barraclough, Scotland

"I like the sense of ownership that running my franchise brings and the fact that I know it is my own business... I want to get a high level of satisfaction from the work that I do and by helping other business owners succeed."

Robert Cook, Leeds and North Yorkshire

"I have had positive support since I took on this franchise. The franchise model itself is really clever and effective and practical - of real benefit to small and medium size businesses."

Neil Kendall, West Yorkshire

Training and Support

Franchise owners receive a thorough induction into the Business Doctors marketplace, business operations, proprietary systems and the proven marketing and sales strategies used by existing Business Doctors to great success. A professional support team assists the launch of every Business Doctors franchise and provides franchise owners with a high level of ongoing support.