"I'm passionate about business and I enjoy helping other people to succeed"

Using the experience he gained helping to run his family business, Robert Cook has provided a unique perspective to his Business Doctors franchise

The experience Robert Cook got from helping to run his family's business has provided a unique prospective for running his Business Doctor's franchise. "I previously worked in my family business and when I decided to start up a business on my own I looked into franchising as I wanted the credibility and strength of a well known brand, as well as the support it would bring," he remembers. "I feel that my background of working in a family business is a big help as a lot of the small and medium sized businesses that I help are family run, so I can provide a good perspective."

Robert, who runs his franchise with the assistance of his father Stephen, chose the Business Doctors franchise after looking at numerous opportunities available. "Business Doctors fitted in well with what I was looking for in a franchise business," explains. "The main appeal was the way that Business Doctors operates and that it encourages sharing information within the network. I also like the fact that Business Doctors is a relatively new franchise and my involvement at an early stage could help to improve the franchise opportunity."

Due to Robert's previous experience of running a business his training was tailored to suit his requirements. "The training focused on how a Business Doctors franchise operates and how to package my previous experience so that it is a sellable product," he reveals. "Since launching in October 2009 I have had really good support from head office. My franchise covers the Leeds and North Yorkshire areas so I launched it at the Yorkshire Business Exhibition. The people from head office spent two days at the exhibition with me to help with the launch. As well as this initial support I can speak to head office anytime on the phone if I need any help or advice.

"Additionally head office is always sending out information on what is going on in the industry and all the Business Doctors franchise owners meet up every quarter to share our experiences in running our business and share information."

For his first year Robert has estimated that he will achieve a turnover of £70,000. Although he has not been operating his business for long, Robert is already relishing being self-employed. "I like the sense of ownership that running my franchise brings and the fact that I know it is my own business," he says. "It gives me a great sense of achievement and fulfilment. I'm passionate about business and I enjoy helping other people to succeed.

"I think my lifestyle will improve as my business becomes more established. I'm hoping that in the future my business will allow me to have a good work/life balance as well as providing me with a good income. Additionally, I want to get a high level of satisfaction from the work that I do and by helping other business owners to succeed."

Although Robert is currently focusing on establishing his business he has long-term plans as well. "I would like to grow and expand my business," he states. "I want to grow my business over the next five years and, because my father is involved, there is the possibility of getting another territory."

Reported by Derin Ibrahim

About Business Doctors

Business Doctors is a white-collar business-to-business franchise opportunity. Franchise owners assist small and medium sized business, from ones in financial difficulty to ones just looking to achieve growth. The range of services that franchise owners can offer include:

  • Strategy: Full facilitation support
  • Focus: Sales and profit growth
  • People: Engagement, organisation and performance
  • Implementation and interim support: Management, sales, operations, HR and finance
  • Recruitment Advice: Including pyschometric assessment
  • Training & Development
  • Access to Funding: including financial support

As part of the Business Doctors' franchise package franchise owners will receive full training and ongoing support, such as launch support and regular contact with head office.

Initial Investment Requirement

From £35,000.

Franchise package includes:

  • Comprehensive induction training
  • Detailed programme and operations manuals
  • Hands-on business and marketing support
  • Online suite of business tools available 24/7
  • Complete exhibition kit
  • Marketing materials
  • Laptop and key applications
  • Corporate dress
  • Website presence
  • Membership packages for local business networks and chambers of commerce