"It is a very exciting time for me"

Becoming a Business Doctors franchise owner has allowed David Blackburn to realise his career ambition and use all his skills and experience towards establishing his own business.

Wanting to work to his full potential and for himself, David Blackburn has just launched his Business Doctors franchise in the Surrey and Gatwick Diamond area.

"I had been a senior manager for a business outsource provider for a number of years and felt the solution for companies to survive the recession was to formulate a strategy with which to ride through it," says David.

"As a result, I thought if I was to make that kind of effort and commitment to succeed, I should do it and take the benefit of my efforts rather than pass that to someone else."

After researching what franchises would be suitable for his experience and skills, David discovered that Business Doctors met all his criteria.

"It was similar to my prior consulting background and Business Doctors gives me the opportunity to hit the ground running, as well as the chance continue to develop myself and help contribute to the development of the franchise," explains David.

He has been highly impressed with the training and support Business Doctors' head office has been providing him. David completed a two-week intensive training course focussing on the sales and strategic business planning and provide him with detailed knowledge of using Business Doctors' electronic systems.

"It is very exciting and there was a lot to learn in a short time - some of it you already know but may not have thought about for a while. It also offers me independence, so I rate it very highly. It has given me complete confidence and I cannot wait to move from this transitional stage and launch my business," he says.

"The support from Business Doctors Head Office so far has been very good and any issues I have had have been sorted pretty quickly as someone has an answer."

Although he is still in the process of launching his Business Doctors franchise, David plans to have a turnover of £50,000 by the end of his first year and is pleased that he has chosen the franchise opportunity to pursue his ambitions.

"Business Doctors has a network of franchise owners already and there is an exchange of experiences that everyone can offer, so you are not working alone, which is what I may have found difficult if I had decided to set up on my own," adds David.

Reported by Fraser McKay

About Business Doctors

Business Doctors is a white-collar business-to-business franchise opportunity. Franchise owners assist small and medium sized businesses, from ones in financial difficulty to ones just looking to achieve growth. The range of services that franchise owners can offer include:

  • Strategy: Full facilitation support
  • Focus: Sales and profit growth
  • People: Engagement, organisation and performance
  • Implementation and interim support: Management, sales, operations, HR and finance
  • Recruitment Advice: Including pyschometric assessment
  • Training & Development
  • Access to Funding: including financial support

As part of the Business Doctors' franchise package franchise owners will receive full training and ongoing support, such as launch support and regular contact with head office.