Business as usual... whatever the challenges

A comprehensive telephony system enables the franchisor to ensure its own business and those of its franchise owners present a professional exterior to clients, whatever is taking place behind the scenes

In challenging economic times the franchise model is proving itself to be both resilient and capable of increasing its business levels. Nonetheless, franchisors need to use their purchasing power more than ever to ensure that their franchise owners benefit as much as possible and receive all the support they require to manage their businesses.

Research shows that the businesses which succeed and grow in times of recession and economic downturn are the ones who increase their advertising. This shows potential, new and existing customers they are still thriving.

By combining advertising campaigns with Callswitch Technologies telephony services, franchise owners can see exactly which adverts they place generate business. Franchise owners can also use the reporting information provided by Callswitch Technologies to allocate their marketing budget into the areas where they know they can generate sales. This gives the franchise owners assurance that their valuable budgets are being allocated in the best possible way.

Fully Inclusive Telephony Packages
We appreciate that telecoms services are often given little thought when a franchise owner is busy undergoing training, arranging finance and ordering stock in preparation to start their new business. With this in mind we have put together a series of packages that allow the franchise owner to select the services they need while benefiting from some additional extras offered solely to our franchise partners.

Callswitch provides market leading inbound numbering solutions, competitive prices for telephone line rental, broadband connections and mobile. We understand that cost-effectiveness is the key, which is why our selection of packages have fixed prices and include generous bundles of free inbound and outbound minutes for each franchise owner. We believe that all businesses should receive real value for money from their services and that these services should also stand up to the rigours of business use.

Disaster Recovery
What plans do you have in place, in the event of a franchise owner's premises being unavailable due to fire, flood or worse? With Callswitch Technologies call management, all inbound calls can be instantly routed to an alternative location, be it head office or a nominated site. This ensures that vital sales calls are never missed - no matter what - and calls to your franchise are always being dealt with professionally. It is paramount from a customer's point of view that 'business as usual' continues, especially if you wish to retain the customer for the future.

Reported by Victoria Shelley