Communication: The Lifeblood of Business

Drawing on decades of telecoms experience, Callswitch has developed a range of packages tailored to the franchise sector

Franchising can at times seem very complex. Many different things need to be completed before you can even start trading, and reaping the benefits from the investment you have made towards your new way of working. For established franchises the day to day focus should be running and developing the business rather than worrying about infrastructure and telecoms issues.

Communications is often one of those things left to the very last minute, leading to quick decisions and orders being placed that might not be in the best interests of your franchise. Being able to communicate is the lifeblood of any business, whether that is picking up the phone and making a call to order stock, going online to submit vital orders, or being able to answer those important sales calls generated by your advertising and marketing activity.

Formed in 2006, Callswitch Technologies draws on the experience of its founders, who collectively have more than 30 years working within the telecoms industry. The business works on the core principle of having long term relationships with its customers, seeking to develop close working partnerships over a number of years. This allows us to further understand the needs of our customers and suggest products and services that will improve their business as a result.

For many franchises, the first point of contact for customers is the telephone and we want to ensure that good impressions are made from the outset every time. Therefore our aim is to help a franchise become even more successful by ensuring that this vital part of the business runs efficiently and seamlessly in the background.

Callswitch Technologies has worked with a variety of franchise organisations and as a result has built up a very good understanding of how this unique marketplace works. Therefore we are launching our new and innovative communications packages into this exciting, fast-paced and successful business environment, using our partnership with Franchise Development Services as the springboard for this. Our packages work across both business to business and business to consumer franchise groups, ensuring that any franchise owner can benefit from our experience and advice.

Using our industry expertise and understanding of what both business-to-business and business-to-consumer franchise owners need, we have put together a number of fixed price telephony products. These packages allow a franchisor to easily integrate the setup of communications for a new franchise location through one single point of order, ensuring that before that location begins trading all the necessary telecoms are set up, tested, and working as they need to be. No last minute delays or problems that can hinder a site opening on schedule and business commencing.

These packages also mean that budgeting for monthly costs can be hugely simplified, our inclusive free minutes bundles help a franchise ensure that they are aware of what their costs will be month to month, meaning no nasty surprises when their bill arrives.