Communications specialist helps Cartridge World make the switch to a perfect telephone network

Business communications specialist Callswitch Technologies has helped franchisor Cartridge World streamline its telephone network so the refilled cartridge provider is able to match its customers to the ideal franchise owner in the fastest time possible.

allswitch met with the Franchise Support team at their offices in Harrogate to discuss how they handled their inbound calls, to talk through the problems they were experiencing, and to find out how - in an ideal world - Cartridge World would like its call management system to work.

Callswitch suggested how vast improvements could be made to the routing of all incoming calls to the franchise, to ensure they always reached the correct recipients in the shortest time possible. Cartridge World would have the convenience of being able to manage all inbound calls and network-based call plan online, while also benefitting from the comprehensive reporting available to it as a Callswitch customer.

Callswitch began by porting the central 0800 marketing numbers and a detailed network call routing facility was created that directs all callers to the nearest Cartridge World store. This specialist set-up routes calls dependant on the area of the UK they originate from, by picking up their exact location from the local telephone exchange. The system then links in the various postcodes within each franchise area to ensure even more accuracy of routing. If a particular store cannot answer its phone, the network forwards the call to Franchise Support, ensuring that a valuable sales enquiry is never missed.

An online portal for Cartridge World was established on the Callswitch website enabling the franchise to manage its own numbers and download detailed reports that show real time statistics. These reports display valuable marketing and management data including when the time and date each call was initiated, call duration, which stores received calls, how quickly calls were answered and how many calls were sent to Franchise Support as a result of a store not answering its phone.

Cartridge World also wanted to update its strategy for area marketing, so Callswitch suggested using a selection of freephone and local area code numbers for individual store marketing campaigns, therefore matching the best type of number for each specific advertising media.

These numbers are 'virtual' numbers that can be directed to any landline or mobile, and calls can be instantly switched to any alternative line when required.

This simple solution provides effective business continuity and disaster recovery for the store, and enables Franchise Support to step in and take control of the incoming calls to any area where a store needs support or the owner is in the process of being defaulted.

By working with Callswitch Technologies, Cartridge World now benefits from improved communications across its franchise network. This enables a professional service to be delivered via the most common point of initial contact - the telephone. With Cartridge World's continued growth and global success, Callswitch has helped it maintain its exceptional levels of service in order to retain valued.