Car Medic really attracted my attention

Former window firm manager Jason Gee sold a property and used the proceeds to buy a Car Medic franchise. He tells The Franchise Magazine about his success.

Before joining vehicle paintwork repair franchise Car Medic, Jason Gee spent 24 years in the double glazing industry as a Works Manager. He’d always dreamed of working for himself so when he sold a property for £25,000, he decided to invest the money in setting up his own business and building a new life.

Jason’s father was a mechanic all his life so Jason grew up with car repairs and inherited his father’s interest in working with vehicles. Unsurprisingly, he decided to look around for a potential business opportunity in the automotive services sector. “I looked at various franchises, but Car Medic really attracted my attention,” he says. “It offered just as much and more than some of the other repair companies but the price was significantly less. “The low ongoing management fees and not being expected to sign up to an agreement that gave what I considered ‘too much control to the franchisor’ won me over. Car Medic does not want to be looking over your shoulder all the time and the franchisor doesn’t expect to take a high percentage of your profits either.”

According to Jason, the franchisor is ready to provide support as and when he needs it – for example, when the new environmentally-friendly water-based paint system was recently introduced, Jason received two days of intensive training, on a one-to-one basis, from a Car Medic trainer. For Jason, this is his fifth year in operation as a Car Medic franchise owner and, although he advertises regularly, 95 per cent of his work comes from word-of-mouth recommendation and repeat business from satisfied customers.

“That’s the great advantage of being your own boss,” Jason enthuses. “Previously I had no contact with customers, but now I deal directly with all them. I personally complete every job and I make sure it’s absolutely right. As a result, I have a strong reputation, my work is appreciated and I have no cash flow issues – my customers are always delighted with the job and with my service and are happy to pay on the nail. “I really enjoy what I do. I work the hours that suit me, nobody can tell me what to do and I actually really look forward to going to work in the morning – which is the best feeling in the world,” concludes Jason.

Car Medic Managing Director David Cartwright says the franchise is “much less prescriptive” than others within the industry and added the franchise is not trying to push multi-vehicle management franchises to their recruits unless they actually want that. David says: “Car Medic appeals to those who want to operate a straight-forward ‘man and van’ business. We’re not trying to push our franchisees to achieve.

“Our philosophy is simple, we will provide franchise owners with a strong, established brand, an excellent repair system and a wide range of repair opportunities; we offer comprehensive professional training and the ongoing support they need to build a successful and sustainable business. “At the end of the day, the business belongs to the individual franchise owner and it’s his responsibility to run it, not ours. Providing our franchise owners operate to the well-proven Car Medic format, we won’t interfere – unless, of course, we’re specifically approached by a franchise owner in need of help.” For newer franchise owners, an evaluation and refresher course is offered automatically three months after the recruit launches their new franchise. The measure is to ensure any new problems or lingering concerns are fully addressed and ironed out.