Card Connection’s success in Scotland

Greeting card publisher Card Connection has announced that Andrew Orr, a franchisee for Aberdeen and Inverness, has seen an 18 per cent growth in his business in the past year.

Andrew Orr commented: “I have a large franchise territory and fuel costs combined with the limited number of new retail outlets opening up in the region means it its essential that I make the cost of each call. Therefore, my aim in the past year has been to maximise sales in each retail outlet and this strategy has been particularly successful.”

Card connections franchisees distribute their own in-house designed greetings cards to around 14,000 outlets throughout the UK. Orr commented on why he thinks his business has had so much success: “This is only possible because of the quality of Card Connection’s range, created in-house by a dedicated team, who are constantly coming up with stunning new designs. I know when I open my box I will say ‘wow’ and if the cards are displayed beautifully then consumers do the same.”