Floods. What floods?

It’s business as usual for one of the UK’s largest card publisher Card Connection. Its franchisees have continued to deliver merchandise for retailers in flooded areas.

Michael Johnson, Managing Director, explains: “The recent unprecedented weather has made for extremely difficult conditions for communities across the UK and it is also affecting many businesses on an ongoing basis. The weather has also given some of our franchisees a few challenges when it comes to getting around. However, our franchisees are keeping their spirits up with an attitude of ‘business as usual’.”

“However, when franchisees are on the road, it’s not just floods that need to contend with,” continues Johnson. “For example, one of our Scottish franchisees needs to visit some of her retail customers regularly on a ferry! It’s all in a day’s work for Card Connection’s franchisees.”

Franchisee Andy Burchell explains: “The street was under water, but there were a few steps up to my customer’s store so the shop was open. I was impressed that people were still supporting the local shop so, once I had returned home collect my wellies, myself and my franchise manager made sure we created a really great greeting card display in the store!”