An outstanding management franchise opportunity

Buoyed by the celebration of early successes at its recent Annual Conference of franchisees, domiciliary care provider Caremark is reaffirming its pledge to continue providing a service over and above that expected nationally, drawing a high calibre of franchisee candidates for its national expansion

Achieving greatness in the provision of domiciliary care is the mission of Caremark, the thriving care network operating across the UK and Ireland. Now in our third year of trading, we are able to truly show the success, drive and professionalism that has been created within the network.

This was evident at our first Annual Conference, recently held at London Gatwick's world class Sofitel hotel. The entire team came together to recognise and celebrate their successes and share the wisdom of their experiences. 'Marking the achievements of our franchisees gives us an incredible feeling of having reached the goals set and motivation to continue with this level of achievement,' explains Caremark Founder and Managing Director Kevin Lewis.

The event generated inspiration among franchisees and they went away with a strong focus on the year ahead and the goals they aim to achieve. Calum Gray, Managing Director of Caremark (Winchester), commented: 'The event itself only served to re-affirm that, in becoming part of the Caremark family, I have made the best possible decision regarding my post-Army employment.'

This year Caremark's ongoing success is set to continue - this has already been seen in the calibre of new franchisees joining the network. The next quarter promises to deliver a significant step forward in the growth of the company.

If running a business in the domiciliary care sector appeals to you, then investigating the opportunity that Caremark has to offer is vital. Caremark franchisees have a wealth of experience to draw upon from their franchisor. The support team works closely with each franchisee to grow their business using Caremark's policies, procedures, knowledge and experience, proven in the sector to be the basis for an extremely favourable business opportunity.

With the care industry booming as it is, Caremark provides an opportunity to not only meet the demand for care services, but go way beyond the level of service expected.

Franchise Manager Sean Cragg explains: 'Providing care to people living in their own home comes with great responsibility, so when we introduce a new franchisee to the industry we need to be absolutely sure this remains at the forefront of everything they do. It is this mindset that keeps Caremark working to exceed the National Minimum Standards, laid down by the government, and ensures we are the care provider of choice.'

Questions & Answers
Michelle Lidbetter, Caremark National Support Manager

Michelle has worked in the care industry since 1997 and up until joining Caremark in early 2007 she ran her own care skills training company. She joined to develop and share her knowledge and experience and talks about her career in care and why the industry has such great potential.

Q. What's your motivation to work in the care sector?
A. I have always been drawn to it. From a young age I looked after my disabled brother and this allowed me to really understand the importance of care services. I have now worked in various areas of care including care homes, homecare and hospitals and have worked with many differing client types.
It's the satisfaction that I receive from having made a positive difference to people's lives that motivates me. I'm now working with our franchisees to offer care services across the UK - knowing that we have more and more satisfied clients being looked after by Caremark Carers is all the motivation I need to continue working in an industry that will always be close to my heart.

Q. What were your first impressions of Caremark? Why did you choose to join the company?
A. The professionalism of the offices and staff struck me first. Founder Kevin Lewis's passion for the business really shone through and it was evident that Caremark had a business format that would truly work. I wanted a new challenge and felt that Caremark could provide me with the opportunity to take my career to the next level.

Q. What do you see as the future for domiciliary care and how do you think this will affect the development of care providers?
A. The domiciliary care sector is ever expanding. Changes are being made to the way care is funded and provided, with clients now having more freedom of choice. This is very positive indeed, encouraging care providers to ensure their standards continually meet client demand. If they fail in providing client-focused services they will find there is no room for them in the marketplace. This will mean that care standards remain constantly high and clients' expectations of a good service will always be met.

These changes are making way for a new era of care providers and the potential they have is enormous. The industry is only set to grow and I am extremely confident that a business in care is now more appealing then ever.

Q. What makes Caremark a success?
A. It's the standards that we operate to that create our success. Our recruitment procedures are very thorough and our training standards are impeccable. I also feel that our honest approach and our passion for the industry is evident in all we do. We are here to deliver the very best in domiciliary care and we ensure this happens throughout the entire Caremark network. We set our standards high and will not allow these standards to slip. Our support and operation systems are extremely thorough and well researched and we constantly review our documentation, updating it promptly in line with new regulations. It is a combination of these factors that creates the foundation for a successful business.

Franchisees say:
'In becoming part of the Caremark family, I'have made the best possible decision regarding my post-Army employment.'
Calum Gray, Winchester

'I felt that domiciliary care was the right industry for me as I never saw myself as a man in a van and I felt this sector would give me a great opportunity for management. I really enjoy the fact that I can apply skills I've gained in my previous employment and transfer them to a new sector, for example developing my business using my sales skills.'
Alan Jones, Leeds

'I wanted to invest in a business with a strong market that I would be able to develop into a serious prospect and I found this with Caremark. We are ahead of our targets and have experienced extremely good growth. I have to say Caremark has phenomenal potential.'
Carl Ward, Kingston

'My estimated turnover for year one is £420,000. Within the first three months of trading I'd broke even so I'm now making a profit. With the Caremark franchise if you follow what you are taught you will be successful and develop a profitable business.'
Ian Coombes, Somerset & Sedgemoor

Written by Stacy Meachim